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The name pediatrics “healer of children” was developed during the middle of the 19th century as a subspecialty when it deliberately came into use to indicate the research of diseases and disorders of children (A History of Surgical Pediatrics). This unique surgical specialty began as a development to attend specifically to the care, development, and diseases of children and because of its increasing awareness, specialization in pediatrics evolved since children were not seen as little adults anymore. The realization “from congenital defects in variable physiology, neonates, and children have… problems and complex surgical needs rarely seen in adults”, quickly advanced the practice in pediatric medicine. In the last few decades, there has been a significant improvement in the successful performances in pediatric surgery procedures. These improvements have lead to results in “higher survival rates as well as reduction in the associated risk.” Pediatric surgery is designed to care for the complexities of treating children before, during and after a surgical procedure from prenatal diagnosis through adolescence. A pediatric surgeon is a trained physician that specializes in maintaining the health of infants, children and adolescents. While general surgeons are licensed to operate on young patients, pediatric surgeons receive special education and training in the surgical repair of children that are born with birth defects, surgical techniques for child development, and the treatment of trauma in children. The conditions that require surgery early in life represent a real spectrum from those that are relatively minor to some more major, complex conditions. Some conditions are detected during pregnancy, by routine scans, others are not obvious until after the baby has been born, or develop in the early weeks. Pediatric surgeons diagnose, treat illnesses, and manage children’s surgical needs. Pediatric surgeons collaborate with other specialists (ex. social and healthcare workers, neonatal specialists, pediatricians, and family physicians) to understand the entire situation as best they can and help determine the best treatment for the child.  Pediatric surgeons provide care to neonates and children with a unique range of congenital, oncologic, infectious, and traumatic disorders. The surgical treatment of the child requires a love of children, patience with their families, understanding of their unique physiology, and delicate surgical technique. 


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