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The English language is spoken across the entire planet. It’s origins come from the United Kingdom. How did it get to every single corner of our round planet? Well, centuries ago the United Kingdom had among the greatest exploration and conquering missions into the “New World”. They’ve reached North America, South America, Carribean, Middle East, Far East, Africa, India and even Indonesia and Australia. They’ve mostly held many of the countries and sometimes entire continents under their Kingdom’s rule.Some countries even today are under the United Kingdom wing. While they were exploring and conquering the world, they’ve always left some of their own heritage behind. Since they were mainly the conquerors, they’ve left the English language everywhere they’ve been to. That’s the easiest way to spread your own language if you are already present all around the world. Spanish conquerors are the second largest conquering nation in the recent history and the Spanish language is the second most used language on the planet. By the large movement of people from Europe (mostly from the United Kingdom) to the New World, nowadays known as The United States of America, they’ve also moved their language. The English language in the United States changed from its original form a bit but still is basically the same language. With the great expansion of nations across the World and with the expansion of modern society, the most widespread language became “the one and only” or also known as the “universal language”.Production, literature, manufacturing and all other parts of industrial revolution mostly relied on the English language. The world was populated by the citizens of the United Kingdom and they’ve kept their own language all around the globe. Today in these modern times, the English language is spoken by almost everyone on the planet. There are plenty of varieties and forms of the original language, but the basis is the same. In today’s time, it’s unimaginable not to know and use the English language in the fields like business, healthcare, school systems, literature and so on. Only a few decades ago, the English language was learned in schools as a foreign language. In the present, the English language is almost as a second mother tongue.Not so long ago, the English language was a plus in your professional biography, while today it’s a must and quite a normal thing to know and use. It didn’t remain as a plus, but it’s required as an elementary part of knowledge everywhere in the world.I’ve heard of a saying not long ago, that goes: “Everyone in the world thinks they know the English language, but barely a handful of people really know the language.”