The data dictionary, data repository, or system catalog is

The data dictionary, data
repository, or system catalog is the most important element of the database
management system that contains data about the data or it may be that day,
meaning that it contains the physical database descriptions used by DBMS in most
active DBMS data dictionary and merging it Means that the database examines the
data dictionary is accessed every time the database is accessed.

So the most important thing of the
data dictionary is to give database administrators and other users the ability to
access easily to the type of data that you are expecting to see in each table
row and database column, actually without the database why we need a data
dictionary in our project where the database is supposed to be built and used
by many users to make sure that everyone is careful of the data types of each
field where it becomes only a challenge so the dictionary is an effective
addition to ensure data consistency. What we use from the data dictionary in
our application is that it finds out clarity on the rest of the database
documents even when a new user is new to the system to determine the structure
of the table and the types become simple.

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By the end of the development
process, when we have sufficient descriptive data, it is easy to make the right
decisions and know the services and products that our customers want. We will
provide them with the best service, thus improving customer service and thus
bringing customers. Thus, Decknery helps to grow the return on investment by
sending timely notifications for offers. And discounts daily increase the
revenues of restaurants during the working days and discounts in the end of the
weekend, but the descriptive data restaurants on your mobile helps to link in
the restaurant, that is, when he thinks of asking to eat or go to eat The food
you will find within your reach is the best way to get as well as by
communicating with people during this application And know the extent of their
loyalty when you talk about restaurants to others transparently and spontaneously
and encourage them to comment and participate and build friendly relationships
with participants

However, these descriptive data
contain pictures of restaurants and meals with a high exposure that attract the
attention of customers and the emergence of prices of meals and details and all
these factors help to make the application successful and increase the profit
of participating restaurants.

6.5     End user

According to Smart Insights, 80% of
Internet users own the smartphone and 51% of the time spent with digital media
on a mobile day (approximately 3 hours), more than the time spent on the
desktop (42%). Although companies understand the importance of going mobile and
also already made their presence, many companies, due to lack of sound
understanding of the behavior of mobile phone users and their needs, failed to
fine-tune the mobile strategy, leading to any or partial success in tapping the
potential Their mobile audience.

In bread crumbs if we want to take
full advantage of the application’s potential, users must understand the
application itself in depth, specifically, the audience of the application, so
it should be a good beginning to understand the user’s behavior, habits and
characteristics – the rest of the things you learn through experience
Experiences that will be of great relevance to your business case scenario.

Mobile phone users love coupons. This
is what distinguishes our application that it offers users offers and coupons
dedicated to our name and our users can only get great discounts through them.

Also mobile users take minimal
effort to understand your interface this applies to both desktop and desktop
users – the user interface must always be easy to use. But when it comes to
mobile phone users, you need to take more care and make sure that the interface
design is de-clutter and clean. The clarity of layout and vision in bread
crumbs of interactive elements is very important given the size of the mobile
screens. Our application users do not take efforts to learn how your interface
works – everything is understandable at first sight itself. Call-to-action and
other interactive elements are large enough to avoid miss linking – again a bad
user experience.

On other hand Ratings are
important! seriously! Building an application is difficult enough, and that’s
also what distinguishes our application, work hard to get those assessments,
and effectively maintain them also there are a lot of our application user
characteristics such as communications between users and ease of use.


6.6     Hardware and
software environment

Project “Bread Crumbs” is intended to be used by the general public
over the age of 16, a highly user friendly and welcoming user interface is a
necessity. Bread Crumbs is set to establish the commercial standards and
benchmark for the 21st century dinning guide technology. The project is to be
created on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows phone. The
software is to be developed to aid achieve the project goals which include:
increase efficiency of marketing and advertising processes, provide the grounds
to monitor and track branch traffic accurately, provide a place for honest
unbiased user reviews and opinion sharing, maintain up to date information
regarding organizations, provide excellent reliable and safe experience for
industry critics, provide new services in an existing industry at lower cost,
redefine the concept of mobile advertising.

Several techniques were used in the bread crumbs project,
and our team used android studio software to program the application; Android Studio is the authority Integrated development
environment (IDE) for Android application advancement, in light of IntelliJ
Thought. Over IntelliJ’s capable code editorial manager and designer
apparatuses, Android Studio offers significantly more highlights that improve
your efficiency when building Android applications, for example, an adaptable Gradle-based form framework,

A quick and highlight rich emulator, A brought together
condition where you can produce for all Android gadgets, Moment Hurried to push
changes to your running application without building another APK, Code layouts
and GitHub combination to enable you to manufacture basic application
highlights and import test code, and Extensive testing tools and frameworks,
also we used API to retrieve the restaurants databases needs to bread crumbs.


program interface (API)

An application program interface (API) is code that permits two programming
projects to communicate with each other.

The Programming interface characterizes the right path for a designer to
compose a program that solicitations administrations from a operating system
(OS) or other application. APIs are executed by functions calls made collection
of verbs and nouns. The required language structure is depicted in the
documentation of the application being called.

How APIs work

APIs are comprised of two related elements. The first is a particular that
portrays how data is traded between programs, done as a demand for preparing
and an arrival of the essential information. The second is a product interface
kept in touch with that detail and distributed somehow for utilize.

The product that needs to get to the highlights and capacities of the API
is said to call it, and the software that makes the API is said to publish it.

API has the assigned world. With more than one billion
dynamic month to month clients every month in more than 200 nations, our
information gives you exact ongoing mapping data, navigation and locations.


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