The couples started online are more likely to break-up

The technological advancements brought a drastic change in the way we make relationships. The people using online dating platforms have been increased compared to the regular style of dating. Many singles get attracted towards the ease and convenience of online dating platforms. However, the users have also experienced being scammed often in these online spaces.But, day by day, these platforms are becoming sophisticated in order to provide trouble-free experience to the users.For beginners, the below are the topmost online dating misconceptions that you must be aware of before going to the realm of online dating. Online Dating Is For Distressed PeopleMost of us assume that only people who’re socially awkward or desperate for a date go for online dating. But actually, they are normal people like us who’re unable to make time to socialize with the people. So instead, they use the convenience of online dating in choosing a compatible single with just a click away. Online Dating Platforms Are Full of ScammersYes, it is! But in the past. Presently, the technology became advanced and even people got smarter. Most of the online dating sites review the candidate profile and take necessary security measures before providing the services. Thus, you’re pretty much in safe hands while finding your dating partner online. Online Relationships Are Not Long-LastingThis is the most common misconception among many people that couples started online are more likely to break-up than the couples that met offline. But, this has been proved wrong by many couples who met via online dating platforms. It’s because the couple who matched online have better chances of finding the best compatible partner.In online dating, people can get to know each other better before meeting in person. With this, you’ll have a clear idea to decide on whether to continue the relationship further or not.Everyone Lies On Dating Sites”A woman hears from a friend that her match lied about his age, and then she assumes that everyone lies and online daters can’t be trusted. But the truth is that the majority of singles online are honest,” says online dating consultant Laurie Davis.There might be a few people who lie about anything and everything online. Though you can’t find whether the other person is lying, but you can move the relationship to learn more about the reality of the person.In case you find that the one you’re chatting with has lied to you, then it’s up to you to decide whether to continue the relationship or not.  Finally, If you are willing to try your hand at the idea of using the internet to put an end to your bachelordom, then try your luck via online dating platforms. And do remember the above said misconceptions that make you put off in the process.  


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