The because, when the Malaysia faces a shortage of

The skilled and talent labour shortages have become
one of a worldwide problem, Malaysia is no exception. The lack of skilled
workers includes people with knowledge, skilled and education. Based on skilled
and talent labour shortages problem, this will be one of the biggest challenges
that facing by employers in Malaysia. According to the 2017 Hays Asia Salary
Guide, it was show that the 97% of employers in Malaysia are still trying to
find technical talent and high skilled labour in the areas they need in the
different felts. Besides, the skill labour shortage problem is not only instead
of improve and it continued ascension (The stars online, 2018).

This not only make the firms in Malaysia will be very
worried about this problem. At the same time, this seriously shortage of the
skilled and talent labour problem, it also will affect the business development
in Malaysia (The Star Online, 2018). This is because, when the Malaysia faces a
shortage of talent and skills, it must rely on foreign workers to meet the
needs of its highly skilled workforce. According to this human capital problem,
Malaysia most of the work of unskilled labour is being replaced by foreign
workers. This will directly affect the unemployment rate of the country will be
increasing (Malaymail Online, 2018)

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Furthermore, even Malaysia have a very strong
infrastructure and it can comparable to developed countries. But most of
investors are looking for cheaper manufacturing costs. So, Malaysia need to
start up at this level, to more focusing on industries that require technological
innovation and highly skilled workers. This will not only can help to increase
productivity and it also can compete at different levels (The Malaysia Time,

However, this is not enough to attract foreign
investors come to investment, although Malaysia has it strong infrastructure
and facilities. This is because, the lack of human capital in the country’s
problems, compared with some cheaper neighbours, resulting in Malaysia is no
longer competitive in production cost. So, it will be directly affect the
foreign direct investment.

In other hands,
investors are choosing to invest in Malaysia, it can help Malaysia’s prospects
are much better and increase the economic growing. Malaysia remains an
attractive for foreign investors, this is because of its have a very strong
infrastructure. However, the shortage of skilled and talent workers problem it
cannot be solved. Although Malaysia with infrastructure or more resources can
make manufacturing at low cost production of products, but will eventually be
investors give up choice. This will not only greatly affect the development
prospects of Malaysia, but also directly affect production capacity and
economic prosperity 


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