“The a one-month internship at HCL Infosystems Limited, India

“The mind is everything. What you think you
become.”- Gautam Buddha.

Coming from the
birthplace of Buddha, I have always been motivated by his ideologies and
thoughts. They inspire me to remain focused towards my goal, which is why I
have always ensured that I have the right mindset and the required focus when I
set out to achieve my target.  Starting
from my childhood, I was very eager to understand the functionalities of any
devices that were around me. I always tried to explore the working of each
device with enthusiasm and zeal. Questions like how these devices work? What
are their utilities and how will they simplify our regular work? have helped me
build a close connection with new innovative technologies and their
advancements. This interest of mine led me to pursue Science in my 12th grade.
I then completed my undergraduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering at
Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology which is affiliated to
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, India to further enhance my
skills in the field of technology and innovation. At the end of my course, I
landed a job at Accenture wherein I got a platform to utilize my technical
skills and learnt about the business processes and applications in the field of
Information Technology.

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My interests also lie
in management studies because I believe it is important to possess managerial
skills apart from technical know-how. Thus, I wish to pursue Master of Science
in Information Systems with a concentration in Business Analytics at your
esteemed university. During my bachelor’s study, I developed a strong
inclination towards computational and analytical subjects like C, C++,
Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Information Theory and Coding, Embedded system
and Network Security and management subjects like Management and
Entrepreneurship. My final semester project was on the topic “IEEE bridge condition
monitoring system using wireless network “, the main objective of which was to
monitor the health condition of a bridge using wireless Network in real time. Also, as a part of the academic curriculum, I completed a
one-month internship at HCL Infosystems Limited, India and attended a workshop,
RoboTryst-2013, organized by Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd, India which
helped me to develop my engineering skills and practice in a real-world
environment. Apart from my academic involvements, I have participated and
hosted several literary, sporting and cultural events during intercollege
annual fests and attended multiple workshops and seminars.

My strong desire to
understand the business process propelled me to accept an employment offer from
Accenture upon completion of my undergraduate education. My employment as
Application Development Analyst at Accenture, a fortune global 500 company,
demonstrates my overall proficiency. I was assigned to a project which was
based on an onshore-offshore operating model and has improved my knowledge to
understand how corporate sectors use technology to solve the Business problems.
This real-time work experience has provided me great opportunity to learn
Information Management System with primary knowledge of SAP Sales and Distribution.
Having worked for over 3 years now, I have acquired a good knowledge in the
overall domain that helps in managing master data, system configuration,
integration with other SAP modules and order to cash process related
transactions which helps in better work and data management in organizations
across industries. Further, I have suggested certain automation ideas which
were implemented to improve the existing business process and the
maintenance-work life cycle. Having received appreciation from my seniors and
fellow colleagues for my capability in handling challenging project related
tasks, I have diligently performed well and my capability and leadership skills
were rewarded with Recognition Points and a Henkel Sieger Award 2017. Moreover,
I have mentored 5 resources under my supervision. My leads considered me as the
front face of my team for delivering several seminars on business process
sessions and new technical concepts. I also worked as the Event Coordinator for
our Client’s Annual Event 2015. Additionally, I have won many monetary awards
in debate competition, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Cricket tournaments.  Furthermore, working with Accenture has been
quintessential in helping me align my interests and to experience the best of
both worlds-technology and management.

UTA College of Business, University of Texas Arlington,
has always been a pioneer and an excellent archetype in the field of
information technology and management. The distinguished faculty, excellent
facilities, brilliant labs, research centres and proximity to industry-leading
organizations of this university makes the graduation program ideally suited to
my professional goal. A curriculum of the intended program consists of all the
components that I was looking for. Courses such as Data Warehousing and Business
Intelligence, Information Systems Project Management, Principles of Business
Data Mining, Management of Information Technologies, etc. are few of those
which are not only directly relevant to my area of interest but also add value
to my current work experience. In recent times, the research that was done by
the UTA faculty Prof.
Radha Mahapatra in the field of Data Warehousing and
Business Intelligence has been exemplary and it would be a great privilege to
assist him for the same. Through this, I hope to curate an experience that will
not just satiate my desire to excel in Information Technology and Management
but will also equip me with all the necessary skills required to apply my
knowledge in a practical environment. Hence, I would greatly benefit from this
program and hope this will be a symbiotic relationship.

After graduating from UTA,
I would seek a Technology consultant position at one of the leading technology
consulting firms where I will plan and manage complex engagements, serve as an
advisor to senior client executives, and involve in direct engagement
management. In the long term, I would like to contribute to the field of IT by
establishing a consulting firm of my own. Having acknowledged the high
standards that an esteemed university like yours demands, I would like to
reiterate that the opportunities provided to me will bring forward in numerous
learning experiences, which will help me substantially to achieve every
possible success that I envision. Thus, I will sincerely request the admission
committee to consider my candidature for your MSIS program for fall 2018.


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