The a coup organized by the Central Intelligence Agency

reason for the deteriorating the diplomatic and consular relations between the
United States of America and Iran began in 1953 CIA Coup which was a coup
organized by the Central Intelligence Agency and aided by the MI6 deposed the
democratic elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh  and replaced by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
In 1957, the US paved the way for Tehran to build the nuclear program through
signing a civil nuclear cooperation deal with the Shah of Iran. (Ishaan.T,
2015) However, in 1973 Oil Crisis shake the firm relations between Shah of Iran
and the US. The main concerning event beginning on 4 November 1979 in the US
Embassy in Tehran. The revolutionary students organized by the Imam’s Line who angered
the deposed Shah and then started to occupy the American embassy in Tehran and
took American diplomats hostage. 52 American diplomats are taken hostage and
lead to a dramatic 444 days long. During the two hours of attack on the US
embassy, although the US embassy tried to call for help to the Iranian Foreign
Ministry, or Prime Minister’s Office, the Government of Iran made no respond to
the calling of embassy, and rescue the hostage or persuade the demonstrators
and invaders to stop their action. 
Furthermore, since the early stage of revolution, the Iran’s government
has given direct support and encouragement to the demonstrate group holding the
embassy. On 18 and 20 November, 13 hostages were released while others people
were still taken as hostage by those demonstrators in order to fulfill their
conditions and unacceptable demands. Regarding that revolution, on 29 November
1979, the US submitted an application to the international court to prosecute
Iran about that event. (The New York Times, 1979) The diplomatic and consular
relations between the two countries were cut in 1980. Therefore, this paper
will explore over the arguments of both parties as well as the court decision
making over the case. 


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