The 2 million a piece.John Diefenbaker, prime minister 1957-63

The avro arrow is an advanced supersonic, twin engined  all-weather interceptor jet developed by a.v. roe that was cancelled by the prime minister john diefenbaker in 1959.Roe recognized that Canada was in need of a aircraft to counter the threat of the soviet bombers. Defense scientist defense industry officials had persuaded  the government  by december 1953 to authorize two prototype airframes in anticipation of a production run of up to 600 aircraft costing 2 million a piece.John Diefenbaker, prime minister  1957-63 he was also a lawyer and politician. Well known as a defense lawyer before his election to parliament, Canada’s 13th prime minister was an persuasive spokesman for “non-establishment”  canada both as a lawyer and as a politician. A supporter of civil rights for all.He also played an important role in the anti -apart statement that led to south africa’s exit from the commonwealth in 1961.Cancelling the avro arrow was a mistake.The avro arrow could have lead to bigger and better things.Also the avro arrow was such a great defensive weapon.Also the avro arrow gave canada more respect than they already had.Also by cancelling the avro arrow canada lost one of if not the fastest aircraft at the time.Also by cancelling the avro arrow canada worsened their economy.Also they wasted so much money on the avro arrow to just throw it away like they did.The avro arrow could have lead to bigger and better things like hover cars.Also there is a possibility that there would be flying saucers if they did not cancel the avro arrow.When they were building the avro arrow they were years ahead of their time. At avro they had some special projects some were like science fiction, but some were  realistic and probably could have happened if they had not cancelled the avro arrow.These are just some of what the avro arrow could evolved to be.Here is a couple quotes from famous historians”It broke four different records during its first flight to new york,”squires said .”if they had built the jetliner they could have jumped 10 years ahead on commercial aircraft,and it would have given avro another leg to stand on.””Avro had a top secret design department with the brightest and most innovative thinkers. Total out of the box thinking,”Cohen said.( cancelling the avro arrow canada lost a great defensive weapon. The avro arrow would have been a great defensive weapon because of all the missiles it had. It also could have help canada defend themselves from the soviet bombers .It also could have helped canada when they were attacking other countries because it was so fast it would be great for sneak attacks.By cancelling the avro arrow canada lost the respect the avro arrow gave them. The avro arrow gave canada respect because nobody wants to mess with a country that has a supersonic jet .  The avro arrow gave canada respect because it showed that canada could stand up and do its own thing.Here is a quote from a famous historian.”The arrow represents a period of time when canada stood up on its own and did its own thing,” paul squires a historian with the canadian aeronautical preservation association, told Global News.”in many ways, it has become a symbol of the country.The cancellation of the arrow worsened canada’s economy. Canada’s economy worsened because so many people were laid off after the cancellation of the avro arrow.the aerospace industry got so bad that people that wanted to stay in the industry had to move to the united states of america.At the time , we were  in the top three of the largest producers of aeronautical parts in the world.But the cancellation of the Arrow absolutely devastated the canadian aerospace industry.By cancelling the Arrow canada wasted so much money. They wasted money because all the money they spent on it before they cancelled the Arrow went to waste.John diefenbaker claimed it was not  worth the money anymore he probably should have thought about that before he spent millions on it.They literally threw millions of dollars straight in  the garbage.”The official reason given by the Diefenbaker government was that the arrow was too expensive, and it was no longer worth the money,”cohen said ‘Avro as a company was going threw millions of taxpayer dollars .More reasons for the cancellation of the Arrow are politics and bad timing, and bad luck.On october 4th 1957- the same day as the first avro arrow rolls out their craft, you had millions of people around the world looking up at the stars, trying to look for sputnik.”This is why john diefenbaker made a mistake cancelling the avro arrow.                                                         Works Cited


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