Thank able to help more people on the server.

Thank you for reading my application.  I’d appreciate it if I’d get feedback. First of all, helping others is something I truly enjoy, and I feel that as a staff member I would be a benefit to the community and be able to help more people on the server. I also could effectively help new players learn the rules of the server, and enforce the rules when necessary. I could also help new players learn and understand the rules and commands. If I see a message I will instantly response or if he reported a player watch him. Responding accordingly is important because it makes the experience on Arkham better for the players.I have played Minecraft since 2013, but Minecraft can get a bit boring sometimes. I have been known to take elongated breaks from the game at times of disinterest. But recently I have had so much fun and excitement playing Arkham and I remember a lot from my old experience. My old experience is GSPvP it is a KitPvP server. This experience made me so happy. I hope I can feel those times coming. I am working on becoming a bit more active in the forums, although I’m active I want to put at least 3 hours a day in the forums. To check appeals and just help the community.Also, I love the server, but I think it could use more staff members to help the players even faster. I have a lot of spare time because I plan my schoolwork, if I don’t have much to do on one day, I do work for another day, so I can join the server on a standard base. I’m stable, I have no problems at home or somewhere else, so you shouldn’t expect any weird behaviour or any inactivity, so you can tell I’m really motivated, I hope you chose the right person for this important task.I also wish to bring professionalization to Arkham. For one thing I have previously been staff on GlowstonePvP / pending on Faithful and I did very well. I’ve played this game mode over 2 years now. I learned the rules both of Factions and Kits. I think if you want to be a helper or a higher up staff you need to know those rules.I also know how to use forum tools, handle reports, and punish or commend players accordingly. I know a lot about the forums because I made his company website, this gave me a lot of knowledge.Also, I know how to handle situations if happening in the moment. Not only I am fit to be a Helper because I have previous experience. I am very mature in real life so why not in a game because of this I can see the insight on how to handle situations I may have not known how to handle before. Finally, I wish to be a Helper simply to further the community and make the server just generally a better place.I hope you enjoyed reading my application. Greetings,oLepe


I'm Neil!

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