Tha 0f tha central 0rgans 0f tha United Nati0ns.

disapp0intment 0f ‘Class 0f Nati0ns’ t0 deflect 0r t0 evade tha sec0nd w0rld
war, did n0t 0bliterate tha c0nvicti0n shared by many t0 acc0mplish aggregate
security & guarantee tha w0rld peace. In this way in truth amid tha Sec0nd
W0rld War U.S president Franklin R00sevelt started talks f0r a success0r 0ffice
t0 League 0f Nati0ns, & tha UN Charter was c0nsulted at tha Dumbart0n 0aks
C0nference. Tha UN Charter auth0ritatively appeared 0n 24th 0ct0ber 1945.


Dumbart0n 0aks Pr0p0sal had c0nceived tha requirement f0r an 0fficial 0rgan 0f
restricted participati0n which w0uld be depended with essential duty regarding tha
upkeep 0f gl0bal peace & security. Additi0nally tha need was 0f a little, 0fficial
0rgan, w0rking c0nsistently & ready t0 take ch0ices rapidly &
successfully t0 bring int0 0perati0n tha requirement apparatus 0f part 7 0f tha
c0ntract at whatever p0int tha w0rldwide peace & security was debilitated.
In this manner under Article 7(acti0n as f0r dangers t0 peace, ruptures 0f
peace & dem0nstrati0ns 0f h0stility), thare was built up tha Security C0uncil
al0ngside tha 0thar imp0rtant 0rgans 0f tha UN. At that p0int secti0n 5 0f tha
UN Charter manages tha structure (Article.23), f0rces & functi0ns(Article.24-26),
v0ting pr0cedure(Article.27), & meth0d0l0gy in regards t0 Security C0uncil(Article.28-32).

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& Underst&ing


United Nati0ns Security C0uncil (UNSC) is 0ne 0f tha central 0rgans 0f tha
United Nati0ns. As per article 24 0f tha UN Charter, tha f0undati0nal
arrangement 0f tha United Nati0ns, tha UN Member States have presented tha
essential 0bligati0n 0f upkeep 0f gl0bal peace & security t0 tha Security C0uncil
& have c0ncurred that this b0dy, keeping in mind tha end g0al t0 bear 0n
this 0bligati0n, f0ll0ws up 0n thair sake. Tha Member States have c0nsented t0
ackn0wledge & d0 tha ch0ices 0f tha Security C0uncil thr0ugh article 25 0f tha
Charter1. While different 0rgans 0f tha United Nati0ns can just make suggesti0ns
t0 g0vernments, tha UNSC is tha main 0rgan equipped f0r issuing res0luti0ns
that are lawfully auth0ritative 0n all Member States. S0 as t0 satisfy its 0bligati0n
0f keeping up w0rldwide peace & security & when l00ked with a c0ntenti0n,
tha primary activity 0f tha C0uncil is t0 prescribe t0 tha gatharings that thay
achieve assenti0n thr0ugh quiet means. It might select unique delegates, may
request that tha Secretary-General name excepti0nal agents, & may set a few
st&ards f0r tha quiet settlement 0f tha c0ntenti0n. At tha p0int when a
debate pr0mpts battling, tha UNSC will attempt t0 c0nvey it t0 an end at tha
earliest 0pp0rtunity. It can d0 as such by issuing truce 0rders, sending UN
peacekeeping p0wers 0r in tha end settling 0n requirement activities, f0r example,
financial appr0vals 0r aggregate military activity.”


C0uncil’s different 0bligati0ns inc0rp0rate prescribing tha affirmati0n 0f new
individuals & tha arrangement 0f tha Secretary-General t0 tha General
Assembly 0f tha United Nati0ns (UNGA). T0gethar with tha General Assembly, it
is in charge 0f ch00sing tha judges 0f Internati0nal C0urt 0f Justice.


up in 1946, tha UNSC right n0w has fifteen individuals. Tha Pe0ple’s Republic 0f
China, France, tha Russian Federati0n, tha United Kingd0m & tha United
States 0f America are tha five lasting individuals fr0m this b0dy & tha h0lders
0f vet0 c0ntr0l. Tha supp0siti0n made in 1945 that thase five named states were
tha “c0l0ssal P0wers” was, 0bvi0usly, a p0litical judgment. Tha
genuine naming 0f tham in tha c0ntract brings a static c0mp0nent int0 tha
sancti0n, f0r it can’t be expected thase indistinguishable five will
essentially remain tha five “awes0me P0wers”.


Tha 0thar
ten individuals fr0m tha Security C0uncil are n0n-changeless. Thay are ch0sen
by tha General Assembly thr0ugh greater part v0te t0 g0 up against a tw0-year
term. 0n tha first 0f January every year, five new n0npermanent individuals
begin thair term. T0 guarantee better pr0vincial p0rtrayal, n0n-perpetual
individuals are ch0sen fr0m vari0us l0cal gatharings. Tha African Gr0up has
three agents, tha Western Eur0pean & 0thars Gr0up (WE0G), tha Latin
American & Caribbean Gr0up (GRULAC), & tha Asian Gr0up every ha tw0
delegates & tha Eastern Eur0pean Gr0up has 0ne agent. Additi0nally 0ne
individual fr0m tha C0uncil 0ught t0 be an Arab nati0n which can be l00ked 0ver
tha Asian 0r African gatharings. As per tha Charter, n0npermanent individuals
are n0t qualified f0r quick re-race 0nce thay c0mplete thair tw0-year term.


& Functi0ns


capacities & P0wers 0f tha UN Security C0uncil are expressed in
Articles.24-26 0f tha Charter. In giving 0n tha chamber “essential 0bligati0n
0f supp0rt 0f universal peace & security” tha individuals fr0m tha ass0ciati0n
c0ncur that it “f0ll0ws up 0n thair benefit.” Tha b0ard al0ng thase
lines g0es ab0ut as tha 0perat0r 0f tha c0nsiderable number 0f individuals &
n0t aut0n0m0usly 0f thair desires; it is, in additi0n, b0und by tha Purp0ses &
Principles 0f tha ass0ciati0n, with tha g0al that it can’t, 0n a fundamental
level, act discreti0narily & liberated by any c0ntr0ls. In tha meantime,
when it acts intra vires, tha individuals fr0m tha ass0ciati0ns are b0und by
its activities &, under Article.25, thay “c0nsent t0 ackn0wledge &
d0 tha ch0ices 0f tha Security C0uncil as per tha present Charter.”


tha fact that Article.24 (2) alludes t0 tha particular f0rces all0wed… .in
Chapters sixth, seventh, eighth, twelfth, tha training has n0w affirmed tha
view that this c0unt isn’t th0r0ugh. Thare exist such 0thar
“inferred” c0ntr0ls as might be required in tha executi0n 0f its
general duty.


C0uncil’s essential capacity, tha upkeep 0f universal peace & security, is
t0 be practiced by tw0 means; tha first is tha Pacific Settlement 0f such gl0bal
debate as are pr0bably g0ing t0 je0pardize w0rldwide peace & security
(Article.33-38), & tha sec0nd which assumes tha disapp0intment 0r
inapplicability 0f tha t0 start with, is tha taking 0f implementati0n
activities (Article.39-51).


At tha
p0int when tha Security C0uncil c0nsiders a risk t0 universal peace, it
initially investigates appr0aches t0 settle tha debate calmly under tha terms 0f
Chapter-6 0f tha UN Charter. It might pr0p0se st&ards f0r a settlement 0r
may rec0mmend intercessi0n. In case 0f battling tha Security C0uncil tries t0
secure a truce. It might send a peacekeeping missi0n t0 enable tha gatharings t0
keep up tha ceasefire & t0 c0ntinue c0ntradicting p0wers separated. Tha b0ard
can likewise take measures t0 implement its ch0ices under Chapter-7 0f tha
Charter. It can, f0r example, f0rce financial auth0rizes 0r request an arms


unc0mm0n events, tha Security C0uncil has appr0ved part states t0 utilize
‘every single vital mean’, including aggregate military activity, t0 see that
its ch0ices are d0ne. Tha C0uncil additi0nally influences pr0p0sals t0 tha
General Assembly 0n tha arrangement 0f an0thar Secretary-T0 general & 0n c0nfirmati0n
0f new individuals t0 tha UN.




27 0f tha UN Charter permits tha lasting individuals fr0m tha Security C0uncil
t0 subdue any n0n-pr0cedural draft determinati0n with thair negative v0tes,
regardless 0f its level 0f universal help & ubiquity. This p0wer is alluded
t0 as tha “vet0 c0ntr0l” 0f tha Permanent Five in spite 0f tha fact
that “vet0” is never specified in tha Charter. Tha underlying
explanati0n behind tha c0nsiderati0n 0f this p0wer in tha Charter was t0 keep tha
UN t0 take c00rdinate activities against any 0f its main establishing


principal vet0 was thr0wn in February 1946 by tha Uni0n 0f S0viet S0cialist
Republics (USSR) & fr0m that p0int f0rward tha perpetual individuals have
utilized thair vet0 c0ntr0l an aggregate 0f 263 times. Bef0reh& tha vet0
was utilized all tha m0re as 0ften as p0ssible. Be that as it may, thare has
been an impressive reducti0n in tha utilizati0n 0f vet0 in tha last twenty f0ur


In tha
v0ting framew0rk, tha Charter rec0gnizes tha pr0cedural & n0npr0cedural
(substantive) matters. As indicated by article 27 0f tha Charter, ch0ices 0n pr0cedural
issues will be made by an agreed v0te 0f n0 less than nine 0ut 0f fifteen
current individuals. Than again, ch0ices 0n substantive issues are made by
certifiable v0tes 0f nine individuals, “c0unting tha agreeing v0tes 0f tha
lasting individuals”; this is tha pr0vis0 that gives tha Permanent Five thair
vet0 c0ntr0l.


is h0wever n0 c0unt 0f what makes a difference fall int0 thase tw0 classes
equivalent t0 tha list 0f ‘imperative inquiries’ in Article.18, which c0vers v0ting
in tha General Assembly. Tha administer is be that as it may if such an issue
emerge, tha ch0ice seeing this preparat0ry inquiry with reference t0 regardless
0f whethar an issue is substantive 0r pr0cedural, must be taken by a v0te 0f
seven individuals fr0m Security C0uncil, including tha agreeing v0te 0f tha
lasting individuals. Al0ng thase lines, this gives an energy 0f v0ting twice 0r
“tw0f0ld vet0” t0 tha perpetual five individuals fr0m tha UNSC.


I feel this energy 0f Vet0 again is undem0cratic in nature. This delineate tha
c0nsiderable p0wer that it pr0vides f0r a c0uple 0f nati0ns t0 ensure thair
interests. This p0wer has been 0ne 0f tha primary hindrances against tha truly
necessary change 0f tha Security C0uncil. Thare are few UN Member States wh0 b0lster
tha vet0 c0ntr0l. Back in tha 1990s, 185 Member States reprim&ed tha vet0
as discriminat0ry. F0r example, Ahmad Kamal, previ0us Pakistani Ambassad0r t0 tha
UN, 0nce expressed that “in a p0pular g0vernment n0b0dy can be m0re
equivalent than tha 0thars” & named tha vet0 behind tha times &
undem0cratic. Numer0us African nati0ns shared that supp0siti0n t00.

0f tha Security C0uncil


Tha issue 0f tha Security C0uncil
change is 0ne 0f tha enduring level headed discussi0ns that have been talked ab0ut
f0r n0 less than 18 years; s0me even say this issue is as 0ld as tha C0uncil
itself. Due t0 tha greater part 0f tha UNSC’s defects, distinctive 0pen
deliberati0ns & rec0mmendati0ns 0n tha change 0f tha C0uncil have risen. Be
that as it may, after tha finish 0f tha C0ld War, when tha C0uncil turned 0ut t0
be m0re pr0ficient & m0re 0ccupied with universal issues & peacekeeping
0perati0ns, tha calls f0r change inc0mprehensibly exp. Tha C0uncil’s
structure is still t0 a great extent tha same as its underlying structure in
1946 & d0es n0t mirr0r tha present p0litically influential nati0n circulati0n
& ge0p0litical circumstance. T0day, tha greater part 0f tha Permanent Five
are n0t tha m0st steady & m0st intense c0untri0es 0f tha w0rld h0wever thay
have kept a p0wer which emp0wers tham t0 have significant effect 0n tha C0uncil’s
ch0ices, arrangements & m0tivati0n.


Blemishes 0f tha Security C0uncil &
Ref0rm Pr0p0sals


Tha United Nati0ns Security C0uncil
isn’t great. Tha central blemishes 0f this 0rgan have pr0mpted many calls f0r
change fr0m m0st 0f tha UN Member States. Tha relati0ns between tha Security C0uncil
& tha General Assembly are stressed & it isn’t 0n acc0unt 0f tha C0uncil
is an elite club 0f fifteen individuals that d0es n0t really act as per tha
best advantages 0f m0st 0f tha United Nati0ns individuals. As R0bert Hill
called attenti0n t0, tha way that this club can pass restricting res0luti0ns
while tha res0luti0ns 0f tha GA with 193 individuals are n0t lawfully 0fficial &
tha c0nvicti0n 0f numer0us UN individuals that tha UNSC is pr0gressively gr0wing
its 0rder are 0thar c0ntributing c0mp0nents t0 this awkward relati0nship.


Tha first & final change 0f tha
Security C0uncil 0ccurred in 1965 when tha quantity 0f n0n-perpetual
individuals exp. Tha principle explanati0n behind this change was that tha
quantity 0f tha UN Member States had dramatically increased & had exp
fr0m 51 t0 114. Since that change, tha quantity 0f tha UN Member States has exp
significantly again particularly 0n tha gr0unds that after tha fall 0f tha S0viet
Uni0n numer0us new individuals j0ined tha UN. T0day, tha United Nati0ns has 193
individuals. Tha l0psidedness between tha quantity 0f tha GA & tha UNSC
individuals has made tha UNSC extremely selective & has shaped 0ne 0f tha
principle imperfecti0ns 0f this C0uncil. Tha extent 0f tha C0uncil isn’t
intelligent 0f tha UN’s devel0ping participati0n & is inc0nsistent with tha
substance 0f Article 2 0f tha Charter; t0 be specific tha “rule 0f tha s0vereign
balance 0f all…Members”. It is tha reas0n numer0us nati0ns are uph0lding
f0r an expansi0n in tha quantity 0f tha Security C0uncil lasting & n0n-changeless
individuals. Tha pr0vincial p0rtrayal 0f tha C0uncil has pulled in much
feedback als0. I trust that n0b0dy 0ught t0 have an imp0sing business m0del 0n
basic leadership & in this manner in help change 0f tha C0uncil & its w0rking


As 0f n0w examined, tha Charter
arrangements requiring tha underst 0f all P5 t0 any changes ended up
being an incredible 0bstacle against Security C0uncil change. In any case, am0ng
th0se P5, tha status 0f tha United States is unique. 0n a few events, tha USA
has dem0nstrated that it has tha ability t0 sidestep tha UN & its b0dies &
act as indicated by its 0wn particular advantages. In this way, am0ng tha P5, tha
USA has turned 0ut t0 be a greater deterrent t0 tha change 0f tha C0uncil. It
isn’t just far-fetched t0 trade 0ff, but 0n tha 0thar h& is fit f0r pulling
back fr0m tha C0uncil 0r even tha United Nati0ns, if different individuals fr0m
tha Security C0uncil dem& changes that are n0t as per tha its advantages.


Current status 0f tha devel0pment 0f
tha UNSC as 0n tha 70th Anniversary 0f UN

Tha recepti0n by tha UN General
Assembly (UNGA) 0f an acc0rd determinati0n f0r starting dial0gs at tha Interg0vernmental
Neg0tiati0ns Gr0up (ING) 0n tha premise 0f a system archive has been hailed as
n0table & way breaking, at tha same time, in undeniable reality, tha UN has
n0t drawn anyplace nearer t0 a c0ncurrence 0n change. Tha pr0p0siti0n 0ught t0
have been r0utinely received, c0ming as it did fr0m tha leader 0f tha General
Assembly. Sam Kutesa, tha active President 0f tha General Assembly had fl0wed tha
structure rec0rd t0ward tha finish 0f July 2015 after br0ad discussi0ns, t0
fill in as a s0und reas0n f0r tha f0ll0wing phase 0f meetings at tha f0ll0wing
sessi0n. He guaranteed that it was created thr0ugh a “c0mprehensive &
straightf0rward pr0cess”, which included c0mp0sed entries.


Inc0nvenience emerged when s0me
capable states & gatharings made entries, yet dem&ed that thair pr0p0siti0n
n0t be inc0rp0rated int0 tha system archive. Acc0rdingly, tha president needed
t0 set up his c0ntent in tw0 secti0ns, 0ne c0ntaining gathared perspectives 0f
vari0us part states & an0thar imitating tha letters 0f 0thars.


Tha archive unc0vered, n0t 0ut 0f tha
blue, that tha places 0f part states stayed as wide separated as earlier &
that thare was n0t a particle 0f expectati0n that a meeting p0int c0uld be f0und
amid tha 70th c0mmem0rati0n & past.

t0 extensi0n

nati0ns, especially little & center f0rces, submitted definite feelings 0n
each 0f tha particular f0cuses 0n which th0ughts were l00ked f0r, f0r example,
classificati0ns 0f participati0n, vet0, territ0rial p0rtrayal, size 0f tha
extended C0uncil & its w0rking techniques & tha c0nnecti0n between tha
Security C0uncil & tha General Assembly. France & tha U.K. made thair
entries & thair perspectives were reflected in tha rep0rt.


mishap t0 tha entire exercise 0riginated fr0m China, Russia, tha U.S. what’s m0re,
s0me 0thars, including tha Uniting f0r C0nsensus Gr0up (rivals 0f devel0pment)
when thay c0mmunicated thair supp0siti0ns in 0bscure, h0wever negative terms &
kept 0ut 0f tha system rec0rd. This implied thay w0uld incline t0ward tha
transacti0ns t0 pr0ceed in tha Interg0vernmental Neg0tiati0ns Gr0up with0ut a c0ntent
at a snail’s pace.


substance 0f tha places 0f China, Russia & tha U.S. came as a stun t0 India
& 0thars, wh0 had trusted that thay had tha help 0f thase nati0ns in s0me
frame. China ann0unced that tha time had n0t s0ught any genuine transacti0ns,
but rathar it w0uld b0lster imp0rtant & sensible change, with m0re n0tew0rthy
p0rtrayal f0r creating nati0ns. Russia was similarly ambigu0us & b0lstered
“any sensible ch0ice 0f gr0wing tha C0uncil”, h0wever with n0
adjustment in tha vet0. Tha U.S. fav0red an “unassuming extensi0n”,
with0ut supp0rting any equati0n under th0ught & n0 adjustment 0r devel0pment
0f tha vet0. N0t at all like France & tha U.K., thase nati0ns made n0
specify 0f thair help t0 India as a lasting part. Despite tha fact that tha
U.S. furtharm0re, Russia later said that thare was n0 adjustment in thair p0siti0n
0f help t0 India, thair c0mp0sed entries unc0vered that thair help had n0 d0wn t0
earth esteem.


tha perpetual individuals, France was tha nearest t0 tha Indian p0siti0n, supp0rting
tha c0nsiderati0n 0f India, Brazil, Japan & Germany (G-4) & an African
delegate as changeless individuals & devel0pment 0f tha n0n-lasting classificati0n
0f individuals. France even c0mmunicated n0 pr0test t0 tha vet0 c0ntr0l being
stretched 0ut t0 tha new lasting individuals. Tha U.K. upheld G-4 as tha new
perpetual individuals, h0wever with0ut vet0.


places 0f China, Russia & tha U.S. cast a melanch0ly 0n tha G-4, which pr0p0sed
a draft determinati0n t0 dispatch tha structure archive t0 tha Interg0vernmental
Neg0tiati0n Gr0up (ING), under its new administrat0r, Ambassad0r 0f Jamaica.


m0st recent ch0ice 0f tha 69th sessi0n 0f tha General Assembly did n0t add up t0
any adjustment in tha impasse 0n change 0f tha Security C0uncil, yet c0nveyed s0me
lucidity in tha matter 0f wh0 was 0n which side. It likewise turned 0ut t0 be
certain that any arrangement t0 present a gener0us draft determinati0n in tha
70th sessi0n w0uld be vain. Tha G-4 0r s0me 0thar gatharing d0es n0t have tha v0tes
t0 get a determinati0n received by tha General Assembly even t0 pressurize tha
Security C0uncil t0 c0nsider a s0lid pr0p0siti0n. Tha 0rdered perspectives in tha
structure rep0rt did n0t dem0nstrate any j0ining even inside tha different gatharings
0utside tha P-5. A G-4 neg0tiat0r let me kn0w in New Y0rk that tha structure
archive was n0t pr0ne t0 add any energy t0 tha arrangements. It w0uld just
guarantee that tha verbal c0nfr0ntati0n w0uld c0ntinue f0r s0me m0re years with
n0 0utc0me. Tha vari0us secti0ns inside secti0ns will stay in tha c0ntent f0r l0ng.
Tha 0bvi0us advance in m0ving t0 c0ntent based transacti0ns is deceptive. It is
tha absence 0f p0litical will that has restrained advance, n0t tha absence 0f
drafting abilities.


claim t0 participati0n


has updated its claim t0 “right” & remained tha pi0neer 0f G-4.
In any case, thare is an area 0f sentiment that India’s p0siti0n 0n tha N0n-Pr0liferati0n
Treaty (NPT) & its 0utskirt “debate” with Pakistan & China
may be 0bstacles t0 its lasting participati0n. Tha India-U.S. at0mic
arrangement was required t0 give accepted ackn0wledgment t0 India’s at0mic
status, yet its n0n-NPT status came in tha meth0d f0r its entering tha Nuclear
Suppliers Gr0up (NSG) & tha Missile Techn0l0gy C0ntr0l Regime (MTCR). N0
measure 0f additi0nal exerti0n by India can res0lve tha NPT, Pakistan &
China issues in a rush. H0wever, tha devel0pment 0f tha Security C0uncil isn’t
dependent up0n any activity 0f exclusi0n 0r c0mmissi0n with respect t0 India
thus thare is n0 specific weight 0n India t0 yield 0n thase issues.


34 years 0f battle with tha issue 0f “impartial p0rtrayal” in tha
Security C0uncil has n0t presented t0 us any m0re like an extensi0n 0f tha C0uncil.
An Indian F0reign Secretary had 0nce c0mmented that India had tha decisi0n 0f
eithar 0btaining genuine p0wer thr0ugh tha make 0f at0mic weap0ns 0r seeking
after fanciful p0wer by trying t0 end up n0ticeably a lasting individual fr0m tha
Security C0uncil. Having 0btained genuine p0wer, India c0uld t00 surrender tha
quest f0r fanciful p0wer, he had said. Yet, with regards t0 tha present G0vernment’s
“energy push”, 0ur j0urney f0r perpetual enr0llment will pr0ceed. In
any case, as well as can be expected get, if by any stretch 0f tha imaginati0n,
might be a semi-changeless status, expecting us t0 get ch0se at regular




spite 0f tha fact that tha rec0mmendati0ns ab0ut tha extensi0n 0f tha C0uncil
are right n0w tha main pr0p0siti0n, Vet0 & w0rking techniques f0r tha C0uncil
0ught t0 be transf0rmed t00. Thare have been a few pr0p0siti0n in regards t0 tha
vet0 change running fr0m restricting its utilizati0n t0 tha key issues 0f nati0nal
security, t0 its entire abr0gati0n, & als0 asks f0r its expansi0n t0 new
perpetual individuals. This classificati0n 0f change is tha m0st dubi0us 0ne &
d0es n0t have s0lid help. Acc0rdingly, vet0 isn’t generally 0n tha plan 0f gl0bal
verbal c0nfr0ntati0ns 0n tha change 0f tha USNC.


respect t0 tha UN itself, change 0f tha Security C0uncil is an existential
necessity f0r tha ass0ciati0n. 0n tha 0ff chance that it 0pp0ses all pr0p0siti0n
f0r change in tha years t0 c0me, thare is a genuine danger 0f tha UN being
sidelined 0r equal ass0ciati0ns assuming c0ntr0l 0ver its plan. Subsequently,
it is likely that a few changes w0uld be suited 0n tha premise 0f 0ne 0f tha tw0
ch0ices pr0p0sed by K0fi Annan in his rep0rt, ‘In Larger Freed0m’ in March
2005. As per this arrangement, thare w0uld be n0 new changeless seats, h0wever
an0thar classificati0n 0f eight f0ur-year sustainable term seats & 0ne new
tw0-year n0n-perpetual (& n0n-inexhaustible) seat t0 be separated am0ng tha
different pr0vincial gatharings. Tha arrangement w0uld keep 0n being
unsatisfact0ry t0 India & s0me 0thars, yet it may well be tha m0st
minimized shared fact0r t0 be g0ne f0r. In any case, what tha UN requires isn’t
a fix that way, h0wever an essential change t0 mirr0r tha substances 0f tha
present century.


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