Texas took Texas and Spain and Mexico. And Texas

Texas   Texas is the most large and the most crowded state in the USA, after California. As a geographical position it’s on the south central of USA. It has 696.200 km surveyed. According to the last measurement its population is 26.6 million. Texas has a nickname which is ”Alone Star” because it won its independence from Mexico.   Texas always has been an area which is very important for government. There are so many war for win The Texas, in the history. Because Texas has rich underground resources and petroleum reserve. For the first time in the history, Texas discovered by a Spanish sailor who is name is  Cabeza Da Voca. After that France took Texas and Spain and Mexico. And Texas publicationed its independence in 1836. And it joined to the USA in 1945. In old times Texas had just few little cities and big farms where is  animals feeding. But then, in 1901 someone discovered is Texas has a rich underground resources and petrol. And it was the most effective turning point for Texas.   Since 1901 a big part of USA’s petroleum requirement has meeting by Texas. It’s around %40. And there is NASA’s most special centre in  Texas. In fact, Neil Armstrong (who has been in moon for the first time in the history) is thrown to space from Texas. At the same time, Texas is known with its hospitals which are really good at research cancer’s cure.   For these reasons, Texas known the centre of space, health, and petrol. Even today most of the europeans especially Germans are trying to create new living spaces. In a nutshell most of the people is speaking in English and %70 of people is christian, and other people are generally agnostic or disbelievers.   Texas is very favourable area for agriculture and animal husbandry. In old times in Texas, horses were used as means of transportation. But there is no tradition right now. Instead, festivals are organized every year. They set up clubs in this area. Through this ceremony, they connect with the past. This season is called the Rodeo season. On this count, they learn the life of a cowboy. There are many places in Texas that sell frozen margaritas. Thanks to this culture people cool in hot weather. Another common tradition is eating Quesli chips. Texas cuisine has American and Mexican traditions. They are eat, taco, fajita, and tortilla in breakfast. Official eating of province is ‘Chili’.  Chili is a hot meat dish. Chicken fried steak and BBQ there are the regional foot of Texas. The motto of Texas is ”Friendship”. If Texas holds enough votes, it can leave the United States of America, Finally, Texas is a free-spirited and peaceful state.


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