Testing People usually use mobile phones and other devices



Requirement Testing

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It is usually test the cases from the data requirements in which it includes both functional and non-functional attributes such as performance, reliability and usability. In our case, both functional and non-functional requirements have been reliable to implement in the system and to perform and use by the users.

Design Testing


The design testing mainly focusses on the features of the website. People usually use mobile phones and other devices to access websites so testing the responsive websites is essential because the user experience on the mobile devices in the market isn’t practical for most of us.

Usually the design testing ensures “look and feel” of the website. It has been correctly based on the design requirements and comprehensive layouts for the vast majority of the users. This testing involves the browser testing across the three most popular pc/Linux browsers like Google Chrome, Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


Functional Testing


The final stage of the quality assurance testing is on the functionality of the website. Functional testing means the link, button and other features of the website is tested extensively across multiple browsers. Functional testing ensures that the website function as intended not to see the error.




The upgradation of website consists lot of functionalities, features and new contents which will be clear and explicit to the users to access the website. With adding the plug-in with selective features with the gallery and with sub-categories will give a clear view on the progression and the development of Solas which will be viewed both by the users and the new entrant who is viewing for the first time. As it has to be interactive in other devices like mobile phones and tablets, the pixel range and the processing speed and the feasibility will be upgraded at its best to get the actual desired speed and accessibility.






The web performance refers to the speed of the web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user’s web browsers. Web performance optimization or website optimization is the field of knowledge about increasing web performance.

The web performance optimization improves user experience when visiting a website and therefore is highly desired by web designers. The performance of the web page can be improved techniques such as multi-layered cache and layer components. 


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