TED which will have to adapt quickly to the

TED Education tools

Humans are now living
in the high-tech era, which comes along with the pros and cons. Because we
addict with the quick and fast way to approach everything, students’ attention
spans are getting shorter. If you ask me which will have to adapt quickly to
the changes we are going through day by day, I must have to say the educational
field is the most important one that needs to do so. By working with
technology, such as using mobile phones and the internet in the classroom, we
actually can keep the students’ attention. We have to come up with the
effective way to do that without making them way too more distracted by those
“two-edged sword”.

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After all, I want to
introduce to you an online platform called TED Education tools to help you check
your students’ understandings and widen their knowledge. We will have some fun.

I/ What’s TED-ED tools all about?

There are tons of
teachers and also educators in the world using TED-ED tools to strike students’
curiosity and evoke the inner talents to create awesome kinds of stuff, one of
is the presentation. It is an online platform for you to add the interesting
content to topics of the lesson in class. It also gives them the chance to join
hands in the procedure of making TED-ED lesson by selecting the videos and
create questions.

II/ How to create a TED-ED lesson?

There is nothing easier
than that, just some simple steps:

1. Find a video on the website: https://ed.ted.com/

2. Add questions, discussion prompts, and any
additional resources

3. Share the lesson with your students

4. Track and record their progress

III/ Classroom application

A.    Vivid pictures and motion to keep your
students engaged

Let’s forget all about
the traditional classroom with the board, markers and the black and white
worksheets.  I suggest letting students
watch a video in any period, or at least, one for every topic. Learning is a
combination of  “watching” and “doing”.
If the kids are just sitting and listening in a passive way to what teachers
say, the knowledge will go nowhere but back to the teachers. Therefore, we
should let them watch the amazing infographic or real-life videos to enhance
their knowledge, expand their vision and add a new dimension to learning. And
TED-ED gives you a trustworthy source of videos for your lesson, it does not
contain the inappropriate images and contents. Better than that, it comes with
superbly colorful pictures and excellent motion, enough to catch students’
attention in a few minutes. What do you want more than that?

B.    Raising the problems and convey the message

Each lesson will come
with a problem needed to be solved or a message needed to remember. So after
watching the video, students now can easily access the platform on TED-ED given
by their teachers to answer the questions or even create the questions to ask
the other students. Different people come with different minds, if we can make
an advantage of that, we can collect the thoughts of children and some really
pretty good ideas to make the lesson better for next generation. Knowledge will
just channel into our hands. Not just create questions, we as teachers can
create a discussion room in order to provide a space for kids to speak up their
voices. We can add other useful additional resources for more information.

C.    Based on their performance to create a test

This is a little bit
complicated. We always create a test for our students through their performance
in class and the knowledge spans we teach. But this is just the tip of the
iceberg, how about some amazing ideas that students are too shy to share in
front of their friends, or some hole in the knowledge that they don’t admit, or
their ability is better than we assume. To control all that stuffs, we can see
their progress on the online platform (we have to make it official in the
curriculum, just like the must-do homework). Based on the expansion of lesson
of each class/each age group, we can modify the test to suit them best, to
evoke their curiosity to find out more and more even after the test, and also
give them the opportunities to show off their knowledge and vision.

In conclusion, as a
teacher, we need to make ourselves comfortable with the technology first to
apply it in class smoothly. It’s a long-term strategy. And to guarantee that
students do not get distracted by the internet, the social media, you must set
the clear rules and learning objectives. And remember, do not let the
technology do all the things in the class or else, you are just a machine
operator. Although we need to break the old tradition, the two important
elements in the classroom that are teachers and students are
unreplaceable.  You can apply technology
in class or outside the class. Both ways are beneficial because of the extra
practice. Let’s make our minds and give the students sparkles.






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