Technology move with ease, there is no limitation with

Technology is everything that humans put
between themselves and their environment to fulfil different needs as well as
the knowledge and skills that they develop and manage in this problem-solving
process. (Ginner ,1996). Technology is defined more specifically as artefacts,
sociotechnical systems of manufacture and use as well as skills, knowledge,
technique, know-how or methodology. (Kline,2003).Yesterday, people walked several
miles to get to their destination; They kept important information in books and
scrolls, they lost important information to flood or fire; they wrote letters,
received replies weeks later; Yesterday, technology did not exist. Today, technology exists. People move
with ease, there is no limitation with mode of transportation; important
information is kept in the “cloud”; messages are received in microseconds.Technology is important to educational
institutions because of the way it immensely helps with management of data and
information. During the last six-seven decades, Management as a discipline has
attracted the attention of academicians and practitioners to a very great
extent. Today, the society has large and complex institutions with many people
working together. The relationship between managers and managed has changed as
compared to the older master-servant relationship making it more complex.
People have greater expectations from their jobs. To make all these things
function properly, people have been trying to evolve some methods and
techniques. Such attempts have given birth to management as a separate
discipline (M. Dash & Neema Dash , 2008)The members of educational institution
are tied together by a complex interpersonal relationship and therefore there
is the need to keep important information about the
members of the school. This has brought about the development of applications and databases. When developing a database, the
organization of storage of data is off high priority.

In a fast-developing era where
technology is widely used. The educational institutions are one of the leading
users of computer applications for managing data and information, A school
management system is a software that provides a lot of options to promote
school management and deliver services as fast as possible. A school management
system is an application that deals with the managing of information of all
students, employees and other working personnel. The system provides
capabilities for entering student data and other information related to the
student in the school as well as all other working personnel. 

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