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          Table of Contents                                                                                                            Executive Summary………..……………….2Introduction………………….…………………3Problem statement…………….……………3Negative Culture………..…….….…………4Literature Review…………………………….5Company Analysis……….…………………..7Conclusions………………………..…………….8Recommendations…………..……………….9References………………………………………10                                                               EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn 1961 WWF started to work for the nature conservation, and marine preservation. When it was keenly observed that the environment in which we live is going to be ruined by us in some years if the precautionary measures are not ensured. So from the existence of WWF it is working on many projects which now include many more areas. As WWF is a multinational company and it works in more than 100 countries, it has to change its working plans according to the country in which they operate. While working at WWF, some of the problems which the organization faced were observed by me. In this report I would present these issues. The problem which is the center of attention is negative culture of organization in Pakistan. There are some aspects which should be under consideration in order to make much more progress in the conservational projects through fund raising. In this report I have also suggested some techniques which could help in maintaining a positive culture of the organization. As the motto of the organization covers a huge responsibility so there is a need of covering the weaknesses of the organization in such a way that it makes a huge difference in coming years.       INTRODUCTION·         WWF is one of the world’s largest conservation organizations.·         It was conceived on the 29th April 1961.·         Its first office opened in September 1961 in the Swiss town of Morges.·         The central secretariat for the network  – called WWF International – is now located in Gland, Switzerland (organizational structure)·         WWF is an independent foundation registered under Swiss law.·         The organization is working in more than 100 countries.·         WWF is working on more than 1300 projects by now.·         It gets its fund from government and public both sectors.·         It works for the four biomes that are oceans, coasts, forests and freshwater.·         It also works for the endangered species and climate changing.·         In Pakistan it is working in 20 offices for more than 30 projects and its Headquarter is in Lahore.                                                                                                         PROBLEM STATEMNT NEGATIVE CULTURE  During my internship at WWF I worked in marketing department and my duties were to deal with customers and tap as my customers as we required. I also observe the inventories there because it was also included in my duties to supply goods to our customers. In these months I notice that some things could be done in more organized form. Time constraint and the behavior of the employees toward their work were not much appreciated. In WWF when a project is handed over to employees, timelines are given with them and they have to target their customers in that given time but I noticed that the employees don’t utilize that time properly. Some of the factors which in my opinion influenced the working are; ·         Mismanagement ·         Lack of work plan ·         Wastage of time ·         Political behaviors ·         Overly relaxation of employees                                         LITERATURE REVIEW   COMPANY ANALYSIS As WWF is a well known organization working since 1961, it has a well established atmosphere but due to the lack of check and balance some mismanagement is happening in the organization.From upper management proper work plan are given to the employees and meetings are held to discuss each and every point of the confusion, but within the departments there is a lack of communication.As WWF is a fund raising organization, these mismanagement lead to the improper work plans and consequently results in the loss of funds.When the campaigns are started every employees of the department tend to distribute work to the lower rank employees. In extreme working days every employees do what is needed, only at that specific time, instead of doing what needed to be done. In this hustle employees are unable to target maximum customers. And this also results in the de-motivation of the employees as some days are extremely work oriented but results are not worth the effort.Another important thing which I noticed is misuse of resources among the departments. Suppose if any department’s employee is going in some specific area for a meeting and he/she has booked a car, after sometime another employee from another department has also have a meeting in that area, both of the times different cars are hired instead of using the same car.Sometimes schools for free registration are accommodated first instead of the schools that pay us for the registration which results in shortage of resources for a while.There is also a gap of communication between employees. I noticed that as an intern I was to report my seniors even twice a day but as a team, my seniors never knew that what the other employee is doing at that time unless he/she asked later.There is a lot of politics in the department as employees are insecure and they don’t do their work much properly.Conclusions:WWF is task oriented organization where employees are given with the tasks and their performances are judged at the time when salaries are given to them. It means their salaries are deducted in case of dad performances. But this situation led to negative culture of the organization. The behaviors of the employees are non professional towards their work. They don’t put their maximum energies to the projects. The reason behind their behaviors is lack of check and balance from the management. There should be a proper method of supervision on the employees. The main purpose of the organization is to gather maximum funds to raise their productivity level in the conservation of the nature but by these behaviors the productivity would be utilizes at its minimum. Such motivational employees should be hired who are deeply concerned with the meanings of motto of WWF. These employees should have know how of importance of conservational projects.   Recommendations:If we as a human being talk about the problems we should also talk about the solutions so that we have a constructive approach against those issues instead of just criticism. Here are some recommendations by me which I believe can make a change in the culture and growth of WWF; ·         Weekly/monthly plan for every employee of the department should be shared to the upper management. ·         Every employee should be asked for his/her individual performance for the campaigns ·         There should be strictness on opening and closing time. Employees shouldn’t be allowed to take a leave in extremely working days unless it’s very important.   ·         Meetings should be held in order to make employees realize their responsibilities. ·         There should be proper work plan for meetings with schools and every single employee should do one duty at a time in order to utilize their maximum performances. ·         Employees should mark their attendance while going for a meeting. ·         In order to get maximum funds, free registrations should be done at the end of the campaigns so that there would be no shortage of goods. ·         There should be incentives for the appreciation of the employees in order to make them more motivated. ·         Employees should ask for their recommendations also. ·         Lower staff should not only rely on their supervisors for their promotions there should be some other ways to judge their performances.   REFERENCES


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