Symbol of civilisations is built upon these complex symbolic

Symbol is a form, or a word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an idea, object, quality, or relationship. Something that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention.
Sound, gesture and visual imagery are the basic modules by which man facilitates the creation and communication of his symbols. Each symbol has a meaning behind it, originating from the elements that make it. There are religious, traditional, spiritual, universal symbols etc. Some meanings are direct, some are unrevealed and others are left for personal perception.

The basic elements or the modules are responsible for creating linkages between different concepts, experiences and perceptions. The practice of representing something beyond itself by the use of symbols or forms is known as Symbolism. It is the Art of thinking in images, through sound and experiences which form varied associations (personification). This means that a person learns through his personal experiences. In a way, people live not by the things that they see or the spaces that they live in, but by the meaning that they deduct out of such.

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Ananda Coomarswamy says that ‘Symbolism is the art of thinking in images’. Diel considers the symbols to be ‘a precise and crystallized means of expression’.(Ibid., p.xxix)

Symbols are cultural assets of a society. The entire edifice of civilisations is built upon these complex symbolic structures; man has been developing from the beginning of time and history. Symbols are a means of identification.(Encyclopaedia of Britanica, 1997, ed. (CD Version) see under “Nature of Religious symbols and symbolization”). 
different from its literal sense. These meanings are much deeper and significant. There is symbolism in forms, colors, art, religion, science, literature and life situations. It basically is a universal human process. 
My Approach

Deduction of concept
The idea behind choosing this topic was to study the essence and true meanings of the words Symbols and Symbolism and varied examples associated with them.  
The focus of the project is the Symbolism part. By defining symbolism and its examples, varied approaches were understood, how its applicable in almost everything that is around us. One of such was studies in the Indian scenario.
Everything that we feel, see or experience today has a connection with the past and the ancient times. The approach chosen is to work in the Indian scenario, understand the connection of symbolism. 
It is a simplified abstraction of complex reality . The keywords from this definition are complex reality and abstraction. Symbolism is the use of these symbols to signify ideas and quality by giving symbolic meanings that are 


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