Summary who rules and reigns above. The first chapter

Summary of the Book: The book is all about how science actually proves there is a God who rules and reigns above. The first chapter fine tunes the question and puts down the facts around the question and why it was asked and why Has science got rid of religion is not the question being asked because there are many religions today. The amount has grown spectaicaly since 1999.Chapter two shows that scientism and postmodernism are some of the reasons why God is kicked out of everyone’s beliefs because how it is structured and published and because of its contents. Chapter Three explains the limitations of Science and How science cannot explain everything we have and know today. Science cannot explain feelings or thoughts. Chapter four attacks the belief of evolution in scientism and shows all the facts of why evolution could never happen and if evolution happened we could not have morals or feelings or thoughts if we were not created by God. Chapter five shows how faith facts, science and religion are all connected and how in science you need faith to believe in things that happen just as much as there are facts in science. Chapter six tells and shows tat through science the ones that are some of the most gifted and ones that have the most breakthroughs in science and the surrounding fields are actually christian. The early christians started and immensely helped the study of sciences. Chapter seven brings everything together and explains how science is related to the bible and is in the bible and how he people in the bible used science.What I learned: I learned many things about science itself in the book. I also learned a lot about the famous christian scientist and was surprised by how many there was and has many of the christian scientist in the book are very famous like Johannes Kepler and Blaise Pascal.I learned many things about how the is no link from monkeys to humans and there are no missing links or any humans remotely resembling monkeys.My opinion on the Book:I believe the other in this book was trying to show how God is definitely part of science and he did a good job with many good examples. The author’s intent was to inform me and help me to see that God is all about science. I definitely learned some things about science and the fields and the scientists themselves. I lost interest a few times only because there were parts that were hard to understand. My opinion is that everyone should read this book because it destroys evolution and show how God is a big part of science. The author is trying to persuade me that science has definitely not got rid of God but testifies that there is a God. The author definitely convinced me of his intent.


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