Sugar tax on things already Were taxed Boston Massacre

Sugar Act

Increased enforcement
on smuggling, and put taxes on sugar coffee silks

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Indigo and molasses



Stamp Act

Stamp act required
people to buy special stamps

To import goods, it
also put more tax on things already

Were taxed


Boston Massacre

When British soldiers
shot into a crowd and killing five people

After being hit with
rocks and snowballs


The First Continental Congress

A meeting between 12
of the 13 colonies that was called to make a response to the intolerable acts.


Battle of Lexington
and Concord

A battle fought on
April 19, 1775. First military engagements of the Revolutionary war. The
Americans ended up making the British retreat.


Second Continental

This continental
congress analyzed Colonial war efforts, and move towards independence. The
congress was held in 1775 around spring time.


George Washington
appointed Commander-in-Chief

The Continental
congress made George Washington Commander-in-Chief on June 19 1775. He was
selected over people like john Hancock.


Battle of Bunker Hill

A battle fought on
June 17 1775, named after Bunker hill in Charlestown.

The british won this
battle but lost 268 troops and 828 wounded.


Olive branch petition

Accepted on July 5,
1775 by the 2nd continental congress. They made this act to try and
avoid a war against the British. Unfortunately the petition was denied by Great


Congress Formally
adopts Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of
Independence was accepted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. This
Declaration says that the British is no longer rules any of the colonies.




Battle of Long Island

The battle of Long
Island was fought on August 27, 1776. It is said to be the largest battle of
the war because of how many troops there were. Unfortunately, the British won
this battle.



Washington crosses
the Delaware River

General Washington
crossed the river on the night of December 25-26 in 1776.

It was the First step
to a surprise attack on the British Hessians.


Battle of Brandywine

The Battle of
Brandywine was fought on September 11, 1777. The British Defeated the Americans
in this battle. It was the longest single day battle, 11 hrs. of non-stop


Battle of Germantown

This battle was
fought on October 4, 1777 in Germantown Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the
American army lost (again).


Congress adopts
articles of Confederation

The Articles of
Confederation was the first constitution of the United States. It was Adopted
on November 15, 1777. It wasn’t officially agreed on by all 13 states until
March 1, 1781.


Winter at Valley

Valley forge was a
military camp 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia.


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