Students look at it as a class to accumulate

Students have to have the drive to be creative. A class in creativity would not help students prosper because everyone has a creative mind that can be exhilarated and mature but cannot be taught. Creativity is the uses of a person’s imagination through an artistic movement and how well they can come up with ideas to solve a problem. Students learn and think differently causing each student shows their strength divergently. Creating a class in creativity with specific assignments that might not be in the student’s field of creativity would vanquish accomplishments. Mostly because young adults cannot create an idea on an assignment they know nothing about. Giving a student a prompt to write about or instructions on how to draw something would be inefficient. Students would follow the instructions and do what they think the teacher wants.  This is not being creative its following directions. Another reason a class in creativity would be a bad idea is that students will look at it as a class to accumulate more credits. It would be considered an “easy A”.  Instead of a whole other class creativity should be implied into everyday classes. Creativity in the classroom could develop better relationships between students and teachers, induce higher expectations as well as introducing maturity.Students would work together to overcome problems and gain more from figuring it out then looking for a set answer. Homework should also be altered in everyday classes to induce creativity. Instead of doing hours of bookwork students should be told to go outside and look for things that are of importance to the subject. For example in chemistry, instead of balancing 23 chemical equations students could be discovering why carbon dioxide is killing the environment and producing ways to help the planet become greener. Most students drone on about have boring class is and most students are not challenged enough. In middle school, I used to have multiple electives throughout the year and one of my classes was titled creativity 1A. This class was absolutely pointless; I had assignments to write about ” My Mytopia” or create an item that could help the world.  On top of the juvenile assignments, I was utterly confused in my other classes. Teachers did not care what I came up with and became annoyed when I asked “why” questions instead teachers wanted textbook answers. Being a middle schooler my dreams of creativity became crushed and I started to think like a robot. I thought of notes and textbook answers, uninformed thinking instead of “why are we doing 53 math problems I am never gonna use this again” which is what most students say and think. Creativity as its own class would be a little weird since there are already classes like creative writing and art. Throughout high school students who do not fill out there cause cards or their elective was dropped where forced into these classes last minute. In the end, students will switch out of these types of classes because it does not interest them, or its way too much work on top of their other classes. It does not help them improve their writing skills or how to think abstractly, in the end, it mostly stresses them out. The stress for sure will not help any creativity instead it will make students shut down and look for an easy way out. In her majisterial work on Can Creativity be Taught, a fundamental text on creativity, Nagy argues that creativity can be taught, a view that has been proven scientifically. She goes on to prove how people can be taught creativity from their parents and modern world activities. She states the ” Most Creative People said they have creative breakthroughs during meals (and it’s more enjoyable to give that slice of pizza your full attention, anyway)”. She gives more examples of times and places where people get “creative breakthroughs” saying you can learn to be creative with these events. While Nagy claim seems possible and is backed by statistics and reaschurch, it is misconstrued by an inconsistency that stems from an incompetent structure as well as an incoherent definition.   


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