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Steve Job’s Speech Questions: 1. In his speech, Steve Jobs presents several elements of pathos. Write down five of the examples that involve Jobs’ use of pathos and explain why he shares these elements with the audience.1. “If today was my last day of my life, what would i wanna do today? I believe Job decides to share with the people out there so they would keep doing things and not give up in life.2.”Remembering that you are going to die is the best way to avoid being trapped thinking that someday you’ll lose something” The reasons Jobs wants to get this out to the people is to remind them to not give up and always push themselves to do better in life and enjoy it day by day.3.”Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Jobs says this is people live there life/enjoy it. If they see some else’s life better than theirs they shouldn’t care they should be happy and just live there.4.”Stay hungry. Stay Foolish” Jobs wants everyone to get to what they are going for and not give up in life and try their hardest. Also, wants them to enjoy it and have fun when going for there goal.5.”Death is the best invention in life” Basically saying that death is the only way that it is going to keep you moving on. People always think about death but not as much as Jobs was when he had cancer. Most people just won’t listen until they get something. . 2. Look back over the speech and find a line that is filled with ethos. Write it down. What does this fact show us about Jobs? In the article i found a line that i hear all the time “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right. Ever since Jobs heard that line he always looked himself in the mirror and always wondered what if today is my last day what would i wanna do? It shows us about Jobs how he lived everyday of his life like it was going to be his last, he invented so many new ideas and always used that as his only tool. 3. Explain how a random calligraphy class that Jobs look at Reed College in the 1970s impacted the way you create documents today. What is Jobs’ larger point in telling the audience about the calligraphy class? Basically if you come from pretty much nothing like if your parents didn’t go to college that doesn’t mean you can’t go. Also, it impacted the way we create documents is by always adding new things to the programs that are out there for us to type. Just like jobs he kept on creating new things for his computer. 4. Jobs says that getting fired from his own company at age 30 was the best thing to happen to him. Why? Because if he didnt get fired apple would be where it is today. Also it freed him to more ideas because he was always stressed and tired until he got fired and came up with new ideas. 5. Describe one of your own failures and explain what you learned from that experience. One of my own failures could be failing a test after you kept on studying for it, but most people fail a test and they just give up but i kept on studying for it and then i retook it and passed it. Never give up and always push yourself. 6. Explain what Jobs means when he says that death is the single best invention of Life. Also, why do you suppose he capitalizes the word, “Life,” in that part of his speech? It’s the best invention in life because he is pretty much saying live everyday like its your last because you don’t know when it could be your last day on earth. He capitalizes it because he wants everyone to enjoy and love the life they have. Like Steve Jobs got another chance in life and he took advantage of it. 7. At the time of this speech in 2005, Jobs said that his cancer was in remission and he believed he had beaten the disease. Later, the cancer returned and Jobs died on Oct. 5, 2011, from complications connected to his pancreatic cancer. How does knowing that Jobs would ultimately lose his battle against cancer change the meaning/impact of his words for today’s audience? Because Steve Jobs was so happy that he thought he beat it but it turns out it came back and killed him. But most people give up in life if they hear that they have cancer but as you can see Jobs pushed himself to become a better person everyday and he introduced so much more technology and now Apple is using it to this day. If you hear that you have something don’t just give up, keep trying to fight it and it can possibly come off and you’ll beat it. 8. After re-reading Jobs’ speech, write down three pieces of his advice to the audience. Use your own words. Do these messages seem to hold more logos or pathos for you? Explain which of the two (logos or pathos) is more powerful to you. Why? The advice he gives to his audience is to live everyday in their life like it’s their last day, most people give up after they fail something but like Steve Jobs shows you how he was fired from his own company but if it wasn’t for that Apple wouldn’t be where it is today. Another advice is to love your family the most because they are the only ones who are going to be there for you in the future no one else. Like Steve Jobs fell in love with his wife and then they had a family together and that’s what it is all about. Last advice that he gave is how dont take death by any advantage love everything about your life and live it like your the richest and fullest in the world. They seem to hold more more logos because the way he explains it to the audience. Logos is more powerful because it really impacts people more by the way Steve Jobs explained to his audience that day. 9. Jobs concludes his speech with the words, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Explain why this is a good epitaph for this man. I think it means to never give up and push yourself to the limit. Also willing to learn new things that come at you.


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