Step I met and shared some time with. Another

Step 1 One of my most memorable moment happened in my elementary school. The moment happened when it was during the student leaders election. Suddenly my name was been announced that I got the position as the class president. Even though I participated in many cultural activities and sports events and had lots of experience, I was still very surprised to be elected. I felt the happiest when I was been praised by my classmates, teachers and the principal. Another time when I were the happiest is at a year ago when I was the campus intern for a company called Athlete Network. At the end of the internship, I was in great joy when I was ranked No.6 campus interns in the whole country! I worked really hard for the job. I got out of my comfort zone and built a strong social network. My work ethic and determination contributed to my happiness. Step2The value of love from Love your Neighbor (Matt 7:12) and the value of Live by Faith (Heb. 11:16) are key values that God identifies as important. These are biblical values. These are theologically based values, God is in and through all of them. They are Christological values, they are all demonstrated in the life of Christ. Love is a powerful commitment. Its most fundamental characteristic is that it seeks the good of the other. It is contrary to all selfish, self-centered attitudes. Love is more than an emotion, and it is not merely ‘liking’. It involves choosing to love the unlovable, including one’s enemy. Faith is an attitude of trust in someone you can rely on which mirrors the commitment that God has for his people. Faith deepens relationships and enables people to explore more fully the meaning of their own life and the beauty of the lives of others. It is an important element of all kinds of family and other social relationships. Step 3One of the times when I were most fulfilled and satisfied is when I get to travel to lots of states in the U.S. because of my collegiate team tournaments. My desire of seeing the world is fulfilled. I was enlightened so much by different landscapes and different people I met and shared some time with. Another great experience is I was able to organize my team members to finish the group project during my internship. My desire of getting the work done is fulfilled. The experience gave my life meaning by proving my working skills. I think my team environment contributed to my fulfillment. Step 4Grace. “Unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). I think grace means living joyfully according to a possibility rather than a demand or an obligation.Hope. “To cherish a desire with anticipation: to want something to happen or be true” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). It means Hope is simply a positive thinking or looking on the bright side of life.Justice. “The quality of being just, impartial, or fair” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Justice ensures that the weak, the poor and the socially disadvantaged are cared for. God always acts justly and he calls on people to do the same.Joy. “The emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires”(Merriam Webster Dictionary). It is related to being happy and can be sustained within happiness.Service. “The occupation or function of serving”(Merriam Webster Dictionary).It is an important value for all social relationships. It shows that meaning is found in service rather than in self-centredness.Peace. “A state of tranquility or quiet”(Merriam Webster Dictionary). Peace is a wholeness, a state of well-being.Composure. “A calmness or repose especially of mind, bearing, or appearance”(Merriam Webster Dictionary). Composure is the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself.Drive. “To give shape or impulse to”(Merriam Webster Dictionary). Drive is an innate urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need.Success. ” Degree or measure of succeeding” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.Thoughtfulness. “Characterized by careful reasoned thinking” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Thoughtfulness is a consideration for many aspects. 5


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