STATEMENT to pursue my masters in Civil Engineering. I


“Science is about knowing; engineering is about

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 Henry Petroski

I have completed my Bachelors of Engineering in Civil
discipline at Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology (Graded A+
affiliated to the Gujarat Technological University of Gujarat, India). Imagination
resembles pillars that enhance thoughts of human mind. During early days of my
childhood, I used to stare at huge buildings and towers which have encouraged
me to specify this construction stream as a foundation of fruitful profession.
I also carry with me the heavy bunch of basics in civil engineering, isolated
but relevant experience from projects, workshop and internship. I’m grateful to
apply for the Master of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure) program at your

Civil engineering was a straight concern of my verdicts. I
have always been interested in learning new skills and introducing myself to
the existing era of expertise. During our surveying workshop from our
university at Pavagadh Hill station, in Gujarat, I got a chance to lead a team
of 5 students and I managed well to complete the task capably. It was a contour
map survey in which we took responsibility to complete one of the four parts of
project on eastern side of the hill. During my phase as a study engineer, I
have come across various phenomenon in civil engineering, which will supplementary
contribute to more precise assessment in engineering.

Focusing towards my academia performance, I have done my
Secondary and Higher Secondary schooling from Sabari Vidyalaya, Vadodara,
Gujarat, India scoring 77% and 67% respectively. I have regularly scored
distinction in majority of all the semesters during Bachelors (7.55 CGPA) in my
department. Besides this, I was one among the centering undergraduates in our
department and I was appreciated by my faculties for my mounting graph of
performance. Also the term- work such as project has improved root knowledge
and skills to a large extent, as topic of my project was “Steel Fibre
Reinforced Pervious Concrete”. Additionally, there was a visit at Adani
Shantigram Township, Ahmedabad, which is fabulous modern infrastructural
development spanning in 600 acres of land. This visit has helped me to gain the
knowledge of various techniques and equipment’s used to build skyscrapers.                        

The main objective of receiving more knowledge (speculative
& real-world) and methodological skills are the superior aims of my life.
To justify my needs, I have decided to pursue my masters in Civil Engineering.
I would like to get into course based program in Masters of Engineering (Civil
and Infrastructure) field of study. The coverage to extensive surroundings has
prompted me to seek an opportunity to study in AUSTRALIA. Also, it is the
safest country in all aspects and the degree pursued is globally well
recognized. As Australia only provides Masters Degree it was my Straight away
option from all other foreign land to do my postgraduates study. Not only with
studies but also with Nature Beauty at its best and the eco-friendly
temperature all around the year it has given me the perfect choice of study at
the Country. Moreover, from last 2-3 decades it has been researched that
Australia is a Recession Country.

I decided to pursue Masters and found that in India M.E.
and M.Tech were the choices available but with course based program, it came
into my mind that study methods in AUSTRALIA were considerably better with
major focus on the practical experience and skills. Top Ranked universities
with excellent elective subjects, multi-cultural society and pleasant weather
conditions inspired me to choose AUSTRALIA for pursuing Masters Education. Once
finalizing AUSTRALIA as a study target, I started searching and listing
appropriate university with better-quality course content and reputation.
Towards this I am keen to prefer Masters Program at your University of South
Australia. I trust that with my recent qualification, I will be able to bring
better perception into my Masters Studies. This will help me to drive myself in
Construction Firm with relevant skills and techniques. As I have researched
from your website there are various good courses for my field. I will be
studying Soil Mechanics, Advance Soil Mechanics, Steel and Timber Design,
Reinforced Concrete Design and other courses along with two elective ones
during the first year of my course. Carrying forward to this, at the second
year of the study there will courses related to Engineering Masters Design
Project, NBE Masters Research Project and to add on to this there will three
Elective courses, one for the first semester and two for the second semester
respectively. I look forward to be the part of your prestigious university and
promise to give satisfactory academic performance. I sincerely hope that I
satisfy all the requirements for admission into this graduate program. I am
gearing up to give my best during my further study.

To talk about my attentiveness, learning
and certified success is important to me, but I believe one should never let
this take priority over one’s individual life. I have learned well to balance
my time in unique ways and to relish my life outside of academics. In my
leisure time, I prefer playing cricket, badminton, and hanging out with my
friends and sometimes also play PC games. Also Australia provides very good and
well equipped sports clubs, according to my field of interest (i.e. Cricket),
which is also the National Sport of the Country, will help me in my leisure
time with it during my stay at the Nation.

To encourage my life, I am found of
playing Cricket since my childhood and have appeared twice for the district
levels camps during my younger days. Ongoing with my undergraduate study, I
have also won the Zone level tournament along with State level tournament while
representing from my College. Along with it, I have also participated in many
co-curricular activities at college level.

Thanks and Regards,



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