Space the help of the telescope. While the study

Space exploration is the ongoing discovery and exploration of structure in outer space means of continuously progressing and evolving space technology. While in this study of space is carried out by astronomers with the help of the telescope. While the study of objects in space which is also known as the astronomy. It was the development of rockets that allowed scientists to go to space and planets and provided the opportunity for greater knowledge about the planets. Space exploration is beneficial for the human race in many ways and it should not be viewed as a waste of resources and the time. We are now aware of the existence of many stars and galaxies unknown planets due to the space exploration. Space exploration helps the entire human race by explaining the unknown and surpassing our knowledge with even greater knowledge the more that space is explored.The United States’ space exploration efforts should be increased because space exploration helps scientists find other Earth-like planets. Analysing space helps solve scientific puzzles and benefit all mankind by answering questions that people only dream of figuring out. Against the space exploration, many counter-arguments are given by those who think space exploration is the waste of time but is more beneficial than the disadvantages. In fact space technology has resulted in many technological improvements. Artificial satellites are used in the mapping of earth and to find what is going in the space. In the other words, it produces sufficient awareness about what is happening in the world. Politics over the years is the big challenge for the space discoveries. It is a political problem because a huge amount of money is required for such kinds of a space project. NASA is the world’s largest space exploration-satellite who spends a lot of money every year on space projects. Through the space research many useful objects have been discovered which might be helpful for the human being in the future (Kirkland, 2010). This is a very good discovery because earth resources are being used in great amount. Hence it is the huge benefit of the space research. Scott says that the “majority of those against space exploration do not understand the benefit of the humanity” (Scott). Space project brings the different people closer together for research and science field and to discover something which is useful for the mankind. The result is in the form of very useful discoveries. Without the knowledge of what is going around the world. The enemy can easily attack us. Knowledge of space can help us in the understanding of our relationship with the objects like the moon and the stars. If we stop the space exploration project it will be not beneficial at all. For tour thousands of dollars are needed, the cost is justified. (Morris, 2012). The satellite in the space will help us in understanding the dangers from heavy rain. So people can prepare to face that ganger before the time. Without space, exploration telecommunication is not possible. And the space technology leads to the development of another technology form. The cost is not an issue in case of space exploration we should see what we gain from these kinds of projects. Always result will matter. The cost of the space exploration is high but the benefits are more worthy than the cost. Those who are convinced that the space exploration is a wasteful adventure they lack the basic knowledge about the telecommunication and the importance of satellite. Space exploration is the adventure by the scientists who go into space via rocket and settle there for months and more to do research on the space and to check weather settling of a human being in the space is possible or not. Now the research revealed that life is possible on the mars because the existence of water has been proved on Mars.Design space exploration refers to the activity of the activity of exploring designs alternative before to the implementation. The power to operate in the space of potential design candidates. DSE is useful for many engineers task before sending the mission to space. Design space size is very important because for example if we want to send any of the satellite into space than its size should be accurate so that it may easily fit into the orbit. The DSE is used to generate a set of the model before we use it for the practical purpose (Scott, 2010). Space exploration will continue to be an essential driver for opening up new ways in the fields of science and technology. This will continue to provide us benefits in the form of the storage recycling, transportation, engineering, robotics, computing and the software. There is no better place for the investment than the space exploration and the technology. Space exploration is helpful in the contributing trust and the diplomacy among the nations. Different countries are doing a partnership and sending their scientists on a mission in space mutually. Knowledge obtained from the space research is helpful in making policies for changing the environment and the global warming. Accurate nature of future benefits of space exploration is not known. But some research shows these benefits will be in the field of health, materials, transportation and in the computer field. There is almost not anything in the world which not has been explored by the space research (benefit stemming from space exploration, Page 3) Technology started by the space exploration is often controlled by the terrestrial mass market sectors. This space sector is responsible for sending missions into space as like there is NASA. Solar cells and batteries and fuel cell are driven by the space and benefited many sectors on the earth. In many countries nowadays are investing in space missions and to explore the world and threat around them. Service-driven space systems are essential parts of space activity these days (. Further space exploration goals call for sending robots and human and robots beyond low orbit earth in order to explore the greater information. The unforeseen positive effects indicate that space exploration will continue to provide a wide range of the applications. Technical knowledge, generated when the high-performance space system is developed to cope up with the problem of the space system. Exploration of the solar system helps people to know that who many diversity is in this world and the many other creations also exist in this world. Space exploration also provides philosophical benefits such as the deep understanding and new ideas on humankind’s individual and collective place in the universe. Space exploration also helps in economic perspective by producing modernization in the science and the technology.Space exploration has produced many impressive records for benefits of the world. Space exploration research has benefited the world in almost every field of the life. Sending human in space was difficult task but it was only done due to the perseverance and the dedication. Because space exploration increases significant global investment, and because of extremely challenging situations, demands more development in the technology. There is no task in the world which is as challenging as the space exploration. The first fifty years of space exploration have produced great benefits for the human being and for the whole world. But still, further, improvement is required in that field.


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