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Robyn Wilkinson

9 June 2017

Modern exploration technologies to
revive South African diamond mining

Mining Weekly

27 January 2018



article explores how there is opportunity for diamond mining to excel by the
use of modern technologies, despite it seeming costly. It goes on to explain
that there are large amounts of land that can be mined, and it is expected that
they contain high quality diamonds. If these areas are utilized, this will
boost the economy while simultaneously supplying job opportunities in the
sector. It will improve trade despite a policy put in place to work out the
pricing of diamonds. Exports of diamonds have increased with China and America
in the past two years. Many countries do not want to venture into business with
South Africa for various political reasons but the local diamond industry has a
long lifetime that could prove profitable.


purpose of the article is to explain that the diamond industry could have a
positive turn around if it is correctly utilized and developed. It explains
that this can be done by the usage of modern technologies and higher confidence
among those wanting to invest in the industry. It goes on to say that this
could prove beneficial to the economy and that the long diamond industry
lifetime will help persuade other countries to venture into business with South


article is valuable to the research as it explains how necessary it is to
utilize modern technologies as it will improve the diamond industry in terms of
profit, which will in turn benefit South Africa as it will increase job
opportunities in the market. It is also valuable as it explains how these
technologies should be used as they will increase business internationally,
proving diamond mining to be important to the country financially, as well as
helping with the social standing of South Africa with other countries. The
article gives a huge variety of statistics that give an idea as to how the
diamond mining industry profits South Africa, and how it will further profit


article has substantial information that is reliable, as it is from a weekly
mining journal. It contains comments made by Botswana Diamonds MD James
Campbell. The article also contains a large amount of statistics from many
prominent diamond companies, such as the De Beers Group. The article was also
edited which means that the information has been checked to add to its


article does not mention Gauteng and focuses on South Africa and Botswana.  It also contains mining jargon that is
difficult for non-specialists to understand and would prove more useful if it
was better explained.  The article
is also very brief in terms of explaining the importance of the diamond
industry to various aspects such as the economy.


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