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Some people may think that social classes are an inevitable part of society. Different social classes have been around for a very long time. I believe that social classes still are around today and are an inevitable part of society. It is hard for society to not have any social classes because people are born into families in different social classes with different amounts of money.? Social class has always been based on the amount of money you have since Ancient civilization. For example, in Ancient Egyptian civilizations, there were many levels of social classes. The social classes were mostly based on wealth and the family you were born into. According a book about Ancient Rome, written by Simon James, there were several social classes in Ancient Rome and you were born into your class. An article on talked about how moving up to a different social class was not impossible but it was based money and wealth. This was the same in Ancient Greece. An article called “Greek Society” said people were born into their social class and having more money, put you higher up in the social class. This still is the same for modern society. An article on social classes on the site defined social class is a group of people within a society who possess the same economic status. It also said that social class was based on income status. All of these above facts show that it is inevitable for social classes to exist when people have different amounts of money and wealth. It is hard for society to not have any social classes as it is hard for people to move up in social class.?As with all societies, current and Ancient, it is often difficult to move up in social class. In an article called “Ancient Egypt- Egyptian Social Structure” it talks about how social mobility was not impossible but it was very hard to move up the social ladder and was based on money and wealth. It was not easy to earn more money and the wealth needed to move up social classes. The article called ” Social Order” on said the same thing about Ancient Rome. While you could try to move up social classes, you needed to earn the wealth to do this and that could be hard. While not as structured, this is the same in Modern Society. In an article called “What Determines How Americans Perceive Their Social Class? “, they talk about how Social class is not as well-defined or structured as it was in Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece but Social classes is still seen as being based on wealth and power, income, education and occupation. In most cases, families remain in the same class over many generations. Just like how it was hard in Ancient times to earn more money to move social classes, this is also true in modern times. Even the poorest classes have a very difficult time to move up in social class due to the environment that often surrounds them. People rely on what their income is and education to pick what social class they think they are in and some poor people might not have the money to get the education. Then they cannot move up social class easily so it is very hard to move classes.


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