Some money but also motivates college students to study

Some may
argue that majority of college students does not need to work, so they should
focus more on their education and having a part-time job can decrease the
amount of time they can study. However, research has shown that having a
part-time job is not only about earning money but also motivates college
students to study harder by increasing their self-motivation, understanding prioritizations,
and learn how to apply their own abilities. Self-motivation refers when people
push themselves to work harder; furthermore, having a part-time job as college
students while other students are doing something else means that they had to
push themselves to work and thus leads them to become more dedicated. Dedication
is mandatory when college students need to finish their assignments; without
dedication, students may procrastinate, and they end up earning lower grades by
turning in the inferior work that they finished in last minute. Self-motivation
also refers to eagerness and increases students’ creativity and innovation.
Creativity can be effectively utilized in assignments like presentations, since
having a distinctive idea catches people’s attention very easily. Not only
motivation, but the work experience improves their self-management skills that
also enhances college students’ academic performances. For instance, working
requires people to prioritize what they need to do first. In restaurants, there
are various jobs waiters and waitresses must cope with, so they are required to
prioritize and act accordingly in circumstances because they cannot let the
customers wait for too long.  Similar in
college, students tend to have a lot of assignments and tests to prepare, and
it is impossible for them to study effectively if they are disorganized.
Therefore, students need to manage time and prioritize what assignments they
need to do by scheduling accordingly. Another example would be learning how to
apply their own ability. When people start working at first, bosses and
co-workers instruct the new employees their job description and the new
employees will be required to apply the knowledge they learned during work.
Similarly, using professor’s lectures and handouts in college are mandatory to
write students’ reports. Therefore, applying the knowledge that they learned
earlier is mandatory for college students to understand the class better and
achieve higher grades. Developing self-management skills is significant for
college students because as their self-management skills increase, their
productivity increases; moreover, students can take an advantage of their
experiences from part-time jobs effectively for their college performance. 


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