Social support themselves and everyone else, but with this

Social classes can very between with
many. It can affect others within families like children or might not affect
anyone at all. Some might believe that love was more important than their
actual social class statuses. Being in a supporting class like middle and above
allows the family to support themselves and everyone else, but with this there
is a noticeable difference between a low-class family to a middle class family
maybe even a high class family.

 In an   article by Jessi Strieb, with the research
by French Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu he mentions, “He theorized that class not only shapes family life, but also
individuals’ ideas and instincts about how to use resources, spend time, and
interact with others. Sociologists do not see 

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family as wholly unique, but shaped by the resources available to them in their
class position.” Bourdieu explains that certain social
classes can affect marriages with a family. It means that certain families have
the luxuries that most don’t. More marriages in higher classes can provide a
better living for themselves and their children. Bourdieu believes that being
in different social classes, creates different personalities within marriages.

Ultimately, because certain family can provide more than others the differences
between social classes can be seen. Being in a higher social class makes life
be easier to not only yourselves but your children as well. You can provide a
better education for example and anything they might want.

an article written by Amber Lapp she mentions,”you
marry for love and not for money. In my interviews I was struck by how often
people felt the need to explain that they had married for “the right reasons”—namely,
for love—as opposed to “wrong reasons” like money or social mobility or because
they got pregnant. As one blue-collar man said, “I’m not gonna love somebody
just cuz they got money…. I’d be perfectly fine living in a shack up in the
mountains right now, honestly.”

explains that most of the researches conducted on married couples, married each
other solely by loving each other. They didn’t not take in consideration each
other social class differences. The couples who were interviewed that nothing
else mattered but what did was each other’s love for them to get married. This
can also lead to other matters having a play in their marriage but what
ultimately overcame both was the love. As a result, it means that social
classes within marriage might not always be important to each other. They can
over see each other’s status for the greater thing which is love. Meanwhile
in a different article by Strieb as well she mentions, “Most couples maintained
that their class differences were behind them after marriage, as they now
shared a bank account, a home, and a life. Yet, by analyzing how individuals
talked about themselves, their partners, their marriages, I discovered that
this was far from the truth. Class had shaped each spouse so much that the
people I interviewed had more in common with strangers who shared their class
background than with their husbands and wives”

other words, married couples believed that the differences of social classes
were nothing. The studies that she conducted indicated differently. When
conducting the researches it was said by others that they came to a shock with
how differently they were. For example,

privileged partners spoke of the shock of walking into a house with hundreds of
crystal figurines or trying to eat spam with a smile”

also noticed that the married couples were quite different and has less things
in common than they thought. The people that were researched had more in common
with people from the same social class statuses. In conclusion, most couples
don’t notice each other difference until something happens, like meeting each
other’s parents and living styles.


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