Social is a double-edged sword but there is a

Social media, harmful or
useful to the youth? Social media has become essential to our life. It is rare
nowadays to find someone in our society that does not have accounts in
different social media websites. According to Pew Research Center “71 percent
of teens say they use more than one social media site”. Anyways, social media
is a double-edged
sword but there is a winning side. Many people think that social media has a
lot of benefits to youth and children. Otherwise, it has horrible effects on
their physical and mental health. It also effects their socializing skills badly.
Moreover, it has a serious impact in their school
level and grades.


Social media affects the
health of youth differently. It is one of the most dangerous effects of using
social media. Many people think that this effect can be controlled and maintained.
They actually consider it as a simple side effect. But according to evidences and
researches it is totally a dangerous effect. youth sees that the world these
days is perfect good-looking people. thanks to Photoshop. the standard of
beauty has become difficult to accomplish. Furthermore, they see these images
wherever in social networking sites. This has led to distorted body image among
a number of the youth. Also, this isn’t constrained just to the young ladies.
Indeed, even young men are made to feel ‘less’ manly unless they fit the
pictures published in social media. Moreover, spending too much time using
social media prevents children to go out which leads to obesity. This is not
the end, studies showed that using social media may cause anxiety, depression
and poor sleeping. According to Sturm S. Social networking psych studies
“Scientists have proposed another wonder called
“Facebook depression,” characterized as depression that creates when
youth and teenagers spend a lot of time in social networking sites, like
Facebook, and after that start to show exemplary side effects of depression”.

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It is common that social
media made the world smaller through online socializing and online
communicating. But the most important side is the actual socializing with the
real world. How does the social media affect it? Many people believe that there
are no related connections between using social media and socializing with
people in the real world. However, teens nowadays tend to use these sites
instead of getting out which will make them spend more time alone than spending
it with people. teen’s social media
addiction can affect the whole family. It can annoy the routines of your
different children, make the family environment incompatible and upsetting for
all. Moreover, social media may lead to violence and sex abuse. watching videos
and reading some bad news will cause negative actions. Numerous adolescent
and teenagers use the social media for cyber-bullying (using social media to
bully others by sending threatening messages) which may lead to emotional
problems and sometimes it may cause suicide.
According to (YHM) and (RSPH) “a 2012
study found that at least 800,000 minors had been harassed on Facebook also 5%
of teens said that something that happened online caused a friendship to end.
12% of teens who use social media admitted that an online conflict caused a
face-to-face argument, and for 3% of it leaded to a physical conflict”.


A lot of people think that
social media sites provide students with many information as these sites help
them to communicate better by working with groups and they ab submit
information quickly. On the other hand, social media made students rely on them
instead of focusing on learning and retaining information from reliable
sources. Students who spend a great time on social media are less able to practice
face to face communicating as in schools. The students nowadays also use these
sites in cheating.

A paper released by the
English Spelling Society concluded that “students suffered from bad spelling
and grammar because of the language they use in social media sites and the spelling
check feature”. According to Boyd D (2010) “grades is better for light
users, the grades of students who are heavy users of social media suffer as
they have an average GPA of 3.06 while non-users have the best average as their
average of GPA is 3.82”. There is another study revealed that students who gets
online while studying get 20 percent lower grades on exams.


Social media has its benefits
of course but these sites harm the teens more than providing them with useful
things. The parents should play their rule and prevent their children from
being addict in the first place before the problem gets bigger. Parents can set
a strict and a specific time of using the internet. They can also make their
children use the family devices while they are using social networking sites. They
should sit and stay with their children as long as they can so they will not
feel lonely and they will not head to these sites. They can also seek treatment for their teen’s social
media addiction through therapy or by improved home methods as there are many
organizations worldwide provide such a help.










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