Social analyze the market and earn higher profit (Kaplan

Social Media is
the product of information revolution which is growing rapidly in the last
decade. It has changed the way of people’s communication and information
flowing. The facts that motivate people to use social media are about information,
entertainment, convenience and social interaction. (Papacharissi & Rubin,
2000; Ko et al, 2005; Ahrama et al, 2011). Facebook, LinkedIn, “WhatsApp, Imo
and Myspace, they are the symbol of the power of social media which has
recently become most popular across the world.

At the begging, people they used
them mainly to meet friends and to seek information. (Raacke.J & Bonds-Raacke,
2008) As the development of social media, it is becoming an inerasable part of
modern people and its tentacles have extended beyond communication. According
to Cromity (2012) the social media is mainly used in 22 aspects of people’s
life including business, advertising, education, news, entertainment, research,

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It has become one of the most
important tools for many professionals, decision makers, companies, and
consultants, who try to target their customers, analyze the market and earn higher
profit (Kaplan & Haenlein,2010).

Social media networking is creating
lot of platform for young people to communicate with each other and share their
experience and take more interest to get more information about different issues
of society by interacting with each other. Social networking sites allow
everyone to share its feelings ideas and new creativity approaches for people.
Social networking enhances the capacity of students to pursue the things and
sharing important things among student for more information. Webcam, video and
other functions are more famous and easy to access and communicate with friends
without any hindrance on social media (Awake, 2011).

Technology has strongly influenced
this generation’s life, communication, and education. Many studies have shown
that a significant majority of university students own a smartphone or another
type of mobile device, such as iPad (e.g., Chen, 2013; Simon and Fell, 2012)

Now a days, according to the July
2015 CNNIC 36th Internet development in China Statistics report shows the size
of Internet users in the PRC: 668 million Internet users, mobile phone, the
scale of 594 million, use the mobile phone to access the Internet, the ratio of
88.9% (CNNIC, 2015) this progress will inevitably facilitate the use of the
Social Media in China. According to the Tencent-reading of the report (2015) of
the user data WeChat the correct posture to a text display: April Login User
5.7 billion each WeChat account number in the user groups of the WeChat
active” the highest peak is 10 per night spots, the daily per capita
WeChat call time in minutes, 15~29 0.7 year-olds for a total of about 280
million, young people of the WeChat coverage rate of about 90%( Tencent, 2015).
In China it is already a WeChat lifestyles.

Nowadays in
china, the number of foreigners is rising quickly day after day. And from this point,
a lot of researchers are starting to think about the issue how can filing this
blank, in the fields of social media as mentioned above.

international students, we are influenced like the Chinese people by using the
WeChat application, but the purpose of using WeChat is deferent from one person
to another.

 This study will be focused on the
international student usage of one of the most successful social media, WeChat,
in china.

2 .Research

What are the
priorities of using WeChat among International Student (IS) in NENU ?

How often do
IS spend on WeChat in their daily life?

function of WeChat are IS mostly utilize? And what are the disadvantages of
this application?

3. Research
objectives: Specialty, to explore that
how the international students use WeChat in Northeast Normal University in
China and what kind of functions apply on 
this application.

4: Literature

scholars have expressed enthusiastic interest in the issue of uses of WeChat
among university student and college in china. Juan kho et. al (2017) argued
Excessive use of WeChat, social interaction and locus of control among college
students in China. This study also showed that greater excessive use of WeChat
is associated with higher external locus of control and greater online social
interaction skills. These results reveal that WeChat has unique and strong
appeal among college students in China.

Wenbo Kuang.
(2013) conducted a study about the development of wechat from the perspective
of the number of users, functional improvements, and business models. Wenbo
Kuang (2013) report’s is a comprehensive review of the developmental status of
WeChat and demonstrates that WeChat’s development is in line with the diffusion
of innovation theory. It explores features of WeChat, including user behavior,
user structure, user relationship, etc. It analyzes the advantages of WeChat in
communication, such as user-friendliness, multimedia communication, cost-free
usage and higher user loyalty, as well as the disadvantages of WeChat, such as
information overload, the proliferation of spam and poor security.

Previous study conducted by Xianglong Xu et al (2016) showed that WeChat users
may have better sleep quality than non-WeChat users among undergraduates. They
are required for determining causal relationships, further longitudinal studies
to test for the association between WeChat users and sleep quality. This study
may also provide some implications for health promotion on sleep quality of
undergraduate students.

starting the research methodology, I would like in first, give some definitions
about the key terms used in my article report: International students, social
media and WeChat.

4.1  International Students in Higher Education:

international study and higher education is not new, the growing number of
international students in China further substantiates the need to understand the
experiences and behaviors of these migratory populations.  More than 440,000 international students were
enrolled in China last year (ICEF Monitor, 2017).

Nearly half
(47%) of all international students in China are pursuing undergraduate degrees
at Chinese universities. Another 15% are studying toward advanced degrees at
the master’s or doctoral levels, and nearly 30% are enrolled in Chinese primary
and secondary schools. The Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) indicates that
about 40% of foreign students in China are studying the Chinese language at some

The influx
of international students in universities increasingly, have various benefits
which can also contribute to the diversity of higher educational institutions
by creating mutual cultural learning environment for domestic students.

Here in
Changchun for example in Northeast Normal University the total number of
international student reached this year 2017 more than  500 in various majors and levels, among them
222 studying for bachelor’s degree, 207 master and 111 Phd (ISO,2017).


computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of
information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual
communities and networks. The variety of stand-alone and built-in social media
services currently available introduces challenges of definition; however,
there are some common features: (Obar,
Jonathan A.; Wildman, Steve, 2015)

1.      Social media are interactive Web 2.0
Internet-based applications (Kaplan,
A. M., & Haenlein, M. 2010).

2.      User-generated content, such as text posts
or comments, digital photos or videos, and data generated through all online
interactions, is the lifeblood of social media.

3.      Users create service-specific profiles for
the website or app that are designed and maintained by the social media
organization (Boyd, Danah m.; Ellison, Nicole B, 2007).

4.      Social media facilitate the development of
online social networks by connecting a user’s profile with those of other
individuals or groups.

typically access social media services via web-based technologies on desktop
computers, and laptops, or download services that offer social media
functionality to their mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers).
When engaging with these services, users can create highly interactive
platforms through which individuals, communities and organizations can share,
co-create, discuss, and modify user generated content or pre-made content
posted online. They introduce substantial and pervasive changes to
communication between businesses, organizations, communities and individuals. (
Kietzmann, Jan H.; Kristopher Hermkens ,2011).

Social media
changes the way individuals and large organizations communicate. These changes
are the focus of the emerging field of techno self-studies. Social media differ
from paper-based media (e.g., magazines and newspapers) or traditional
electronic media such as TV broadcasting in many ways, including quality (Agichtein et al , 2000) reach, frequency, interactivity, usability,
immediacy, and permanence. Social media operate in a dialogic transmission
system (many sources to many receivers).

This is in
contrast to traditional media which operates under a monologic transmission
model (one source to many receivers), such as a paper newspaper which is
delivered to many subscribers or a radio station which broadcasts the same
programs to an entire city.

Some of the
most popular social media websites are Baidu Tieba, Facebook (and its
associated Facebook Messenger), Gab, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest,
Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Viber, VK, WeChat, Weibo, WhatsApp, Wikia,
and YouTube. These social media websites have more than 100,000,000 registered

4.3.1 WeChat

(Chinese: ??; pinyin: W?ixìn; literally: “micro-message”) is a Chinese multi-purpose
social media mobile application software developed by Tencent. It was first
released in 2011, and by 2017 it was one of the largest standalone messaging
apps by monthly active users ‘(WeChat world, 2016) with over 980 million
monthly active users (902 million daily active users) ( Lulu Yilun Chen, 2017).

It has been
called China’s “App for Everything” because of its many functions and
platforms, and lauded as one of the world’s most powerful apps (Jason Lim, 2014).

WeChat has
achieved rapid growth, exceeding the expectations and imagination of the WeChat
team. After three years of development, WeChat’s functions have been enriched
and improved gradually. Now, WeChat is deeply connected with people’s daily
lives and feelings, providing users with new communication experiences.

Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular social media in American and Europe,
but they can hardly enter China because of the Internet control policy. So
Chinese market breeds many local social media such as WeChat (Chinese
WhatsApp), Weibo (Chinese Twitter) and Renren (Chinese Facebook). Among them,
WeChat is currently in a dominated position than others. The Chinese technology
tycoon, Tencent, created it in 2011.

Although it
is a WhatsApp-like App, WeChat combines the features of Facebook, WhatsApp,
entertainment, and financial system and make it more than a communication too.

4.3.2 Features and uses of WeChat:

As i have
stated precedently, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and Imo share some similar
features such as sending instant messages, videos, audios, and pictures. Some
also allows calls and video calls over the internet.

WeChat also
shares some of these features stated above, but below are some features that
make WeChat not just any everyday application. The tremendous demand and
success of this application is because of its emphasis on the good quality
rather than the quantity. WeChat can also be used in the market by brands. This
however allows users to make their purchase decisions by going through the
multiple stages which is done by WeChat’s strong and increasing set of features
(Pun, 2015). In addition, WeChat is making its place so fast in the world and
has covered of about twenty countries in the world. Moreover, since its
emergence, WeChat has made the life of users much easier especially after
launching the walkie-talkie feature which permits to communicate messages even
on the way (Guo, Zhang, & Chen, 2014). 

After the
emergence of WeChat application in the market, businesses have started using
this application in their business strategies and facing their competitors.
Many of the fans and customers find this application an easiest and quickest
way to search their favorite brands and stay up-to date with the latest designs
and collections.

In addition,
as stated by Huo et al. (2015), the followers get transferred to members by
using the functions of WeChat membership because of the loyalty programs run
for the individuals. Moreover, the attention of brands can be grabbed by making
their brand logos posted at the personal pages of subscribers. Hu, Wong and to
(2015), the display of logo by brands make marketers verify customers preferences
which enables them plan further strategies. Other than chats, WeChat allows
different brands to make their own mini website in which they may share their
experiences and also describe their purposes of marketing. However, WeChat’s
importance cannot be neglected as it is considered to be one of the efficient
platforms for marketing brands and specifies people with respect to the
location and gender (Gan & Wang, 2015).

application has a complete set of smart and cool features including “Use Web
WeChat.” This feature makes this application different from other applications
as it enables users to chat contacts even on the computer and just on the
mobile phone (Wang,Li, & Tang, 2015).

user does not require to install the application to use this program but only
required to write on the browser of desktop about WeChat’s website i.e.

The feature
of “Share Only Text on WeChat Moments” allows users to comment or like posts
that are shared by their friends on WeChat newsfeed which is same as Facebook’s
news feed. In addition, there are many WeChat social features that enable users
to chat with the random people who are also using the WeChat application.


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