So cause major stress and have bad medical effects.

       So first, what is stress? Stress is the combination of psychological
and behavioral reactions that people have in response to things they have to do
that challenge them. Stress is pressure, when you are late for a meeting
or you have to study for a hard exam. During these events u worry, are you
going to make it to the meeting in time, and are you going to finish your
assignment in time. Stress can be a good
thing or a bad thing. Sometimes, stress is very useful, giving you extra energy
or alertness you need. Unfortunately, stress can also be bad and can even be
harmful when not managed. Stress could make presenter buckle under the pressure
while trying to pitch an idea at an important meeting. Stress can increase the
risk of health problems, such as PTSD and other anxiety disorders. 


       Trying to meet
deadlines at school or work, having an argument with friends or family, and
making hard decisions, are just a few causes of stress. In general, major life
events do not appear to be significant sources of stress. Accordingly, major
life events generally do not tend relate to the health problems that accompany
stress. Under some circumstances, however, major life events can be sources of
stress. Whether major life events involve positive or negative feelings, is
relevant. Major life events that are positive tend to have good effects, but
major life events that are negative can cause major stress and have bad medical
effects. Examples of major life events are getting married, getting divorced, and
losing your job. As unusual as they might be, catastrophes are a major cause of
stress. One major type of catastrophe is natural disasters. After people experience
natural disasters, they are more anxious and have more phobias. War is another catastrophe
and is a main cause for PTSD.  PTSD is a
mental disorder characterized by the re-experiencing of stress responses
associated with an earlier traumatic event like withstanding a natural disaster
or fighting in a war.

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      Preventing or
coping with stress can be very hard. Some things you can try: Indulge in
physical activity, get more sleep, manage your time, talk to someone about it,
and have a plan for the things you need to do. The thing that will help the
most is managing your time. If you have a plan for the day and u follow it, you
will complete everything in time. Managing your time is a skill that takes a
while to master, and it can be very hard to do so. A lack of sleep has been
proven to be a cause of stress, “Stress causes insomnia by making it difficult
to fall asleep and to stay asleep, and by affecting the quality of your sleep”
(Neil B. Kavey, 2008). College students especially suffer from this, working
through the night and barely getting any sleep because of it.


       Stress is something
you have dealt with, you are dealing, with or you will have to deal with. Many
things including major life events, catastrophes, but minor things as well,
cause it. If you find yourself in a stressful situation manage your time and
deal with one thing at a time.



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