So Bangalore: 1. Climate: The best part about Bangalore

So here it is, the time to shift to the silicon valley of India is finally here. But are you wondering about how the entire experience of relocating to a new city would be like? The growing curiosity of whether or not you will be able to adjust there and how the life in Bangalore would be like is something that that kindles a fire in the mind of every individual moving into a new city. In order to pacify this curiosity and make the entire experience of “shifting to Bangalore” enjoyable here is a list of things you need to know while shifting to Bangalore:   1. Climate: The best part about Bangalore is its climate. The tender climate neither gets too hot nor too cold throughout the year, this makes Bangalore an ideal place for people from any part of  the country or even world. The evenings however are a bit cold but that too is not overwhelming, and hence a layer of jacket would be sufficient to enjoy what the city has to offer to its denizens. 2. Job opportunity: Being the silicon valley of India and the hub of startups Bangalore has ample job opportunities for anyone looking to step into the corporate culture and amplify their career prospects. From IT to creative agencies the city has something for everyone from any field. So if you are thinking of making a mark in your career and get some good opportunity to prosper ahead then this is the place for you. 3. Nightlife: Are you a night owl? Always in search of place to entertain yourself? Then, welcome to the city of pubs my friend! Bangalore has the highest number of pubs in Asia, quite daunting isn’t it? The city offers a platter of some of the best eateries in India and the palette of pubs is so huge that your friday nights are bound to get amazing. So get ready to party. 4. Dangerous Traffic Congestion: The worst part about Bangalore is the extensive traffic congestion that makes travelling from one part of the city to other an exasperating task for anyone. The high density of vehicles in the city clogs the roads and make the movement almost impossible. Although the bus service is good and very frequent, the traffic on the road is still a hazard for everyone. There are a number of steps that are being taken right now to ease the situation like construction and expansion of metro line, that shows a glimmer of hope that the situation will get better in the future


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