Smartphones a tempting accessory, which is difficult to ignore

Smartphones have completely eliminated the necessity of wearing wristwatches to know the time. However, surprisingly this has not reduced the demand for buying watches among the youth. The sole reason behind this picture is the “style” factor associated with wristwatches. Both men and women love donning a trendy watch around their wrists. AM:PM Watches is one brand that has aced the game for years in the watch industry. It is known for creating spectacular watches of versatile designs and styles.  The Star Wars Unisex Darth Vader Watch worth $80.00 is its newest creation and is sold by Time Machine Plus on


The specialty of this watch is that it is a Unisex watch and an authorized and licensed Disney Star Wars product. The Large Darth Vader Logo etched with Dark Side slogans on the black shiny dial is the USP of the watch. It’s a tempting accessory, which is difficult to ignore by any passionate Star Wars follower. The seller’s proudest boast is its impressive collection of rare timepieces of its brand- AM:PM Watches.

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This watch is not only eye-catching but has amazing qualities to boot. Its plastic case material is water-proof coated and is equipped with the analog display and Japanese Quartz movement.It has 20mm integrated black silicone one-piece strap that makes it extremely comfortable to wear without letting the wrist sweat under the watch. The price of the watch is incredibly low and it is worth that investment because the buyers will be getting a comprehensive international warranty backed by the manufacturer. 

This product is sure to rule the hearts as well as the wrists of every man and women with its stunning looks and over-the-top performance. It can be an ideal gift item for a friend or a partner who is a Star Wars fanatic. Stocks are limited and those who are willing to buy this watch should grab it soon from Amazon before the last piece is sold out. It said in a press release, “AM:PM is freshness and freedom, limitless inspiration, forms and colours. It’s authenticity, enthusiasm, and curiosity. A temptation that’s hard to resist.AM:PM’s thought-out style is supported by quality components and workmanship, and all at highly competitive prices. Every AM:PM goes hand in hand with a go-getting attitude to life, offering something for every occasion and every individual style. AM:PM watches are available in women’s, men’s, unisex and kids’ models, including licensed Disney and Star Wars ranges.”


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