Since our bodies exist on the same level and

Since 1978 a new generation of children has introduced a
different vibrational energy to the earth. These children are different from
any generation that we have ever seen. They are more evolved and spiritually
aware. They are more demanding, more critical and less accepting of the status
quo. These children demand that we change and they are very capable of carrying
out their mission, to carry the earth and humanity through the Shift in
Consciousness, with or without our help, permission or support.

The new children known by different names—they are called Star Children,
Crystals and Indigos and also the less well known Lavender, Blue and Violet
people. While they share similar characteristics, they are also somewhat
different. To someone who is spiritually aware, the first noticeable difference
is their aura, which contains higher vibrations and different energies,
including different colors. 

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All things vibrate at different levels… a toaster, for example, would
have an extremely low vibration; this energy is made up of spinning atoms. We
know this because our bodies exist on the same level and we can touch other
physical objects because the vibrations create a force field. But we can’t
physically touch or see the energies that exist beyond the material world. To
learn about these energies we must access our minds.

Like light, aura colours arrange themselves in a spectrum that runs from
the lowest vibration to the highest. Colours such as Red, Green, and Orange are
low level vibrations and so they associate more closely with the physical
world. Magenta lies after Orange on this scale, acting as a transitional
colour. Yellow, and the four different forms of tan, are examples of
intermediately colours, with Lavender as a transitional colour. Blue, Violet,
Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow are among the higher vibrations.

Just as the lower vibrational people are connected to the physical
world, higher vibrational people are connected to things outside of our
reality. Although they all vibrate at a high level, each colour has a different
level at which it reverberates. This makes each person different in their
personalities and missions on earth.

Although Lavender is a not technically a higher-vibrational colour I
think it’s important to mention this group’s effect on the world when it came
to introducing the first large waves of HV people. Lavenders existed to open
the door to the world of fantasy and imagination; when they came to Earth, it
was mostly as great painters, writers, and other artistic people. They
daydreamed and speculated on what might lie beyond this world and gave people
an entirely new perspective on life. They allowed the higher forms of
consciousness to evolve and develop before actually incarnating on earth.

The Blues were the first HV colour to come and when they did it was to
spread love, forgiveness, generosity, trust and peace. The next few vibrations
would need this loving energy to help them cope with society in its present
form. They are often powerful empaths and almost always know how to help
people. This also causes them to be incredibly emotional and easy to upset.

Because they have the lowest vibration of the higher group, they have a
strong bond with humanity. They can feel the pain another is experiencing as if
it were their own, and, therefore, often cannot see another suffer. They
frequently give up things to help others, and have been known to become
‘Runaway-Healers’ (a person who unknowingly sends out healing energy to
everyone they see. It often results in exhaustion or vulnerability to illness
on the part of the healer).

Like the Blues, Violets are social people who care greatly for the lives
of others. While the Blues are kind and generous givers who often dislike
confrontation, the Violets are a little more forward. These people came in
order to express the world’s need to change and change quickly! As
environmentalists, rights activists, and protestors, Violets got to work on
encouraging important shifts in consciousness that would help the energies that
were to following.

Although it had existed in humanity since the dawn of its existence,
indigos started coming in larger waves after the Violet people succeeded in
changing what they had hoped to. Similar to the previous energy, Indigos are
stubborn and direct; they refuse to allow the unhealthy systems on Earth to
continue spreading unrest.

But indigos don’t have the same connection to other humans that Blues
and Violets do. Instead, they were equipped with the memories needed to access
the sections of the brain that pick up higher vibrations. Indigos often say
they know things that they haven’t learned from any outside physical source;
the knowledge comes from beyond the brain’s confines – the mind. With this pure
form of wisdom, indigos began to teach the world what they know and to make way
for the next energy – Crystal.

This energy is extremely high in vibration but unlike Indigos, Crystals
connect very well with people. Their auras act like prisms that reflect the
energies around them and seek a balance in the vibrations. Because of this they
tend to attract people and animals, and also help to balance out those around
them as well. The Crystals came in order to raise the awareness of people and
to encourage gentle shifts in consciousness in every generation. Once their
balance has been found (i.e., when an equal portion of each vibration is
reflected in their auras), the next energy becomes present.

Rainbow energy is the result of the Crystal’s prism-like quality. In
just the same way that light is separated into every colour, Crystal becomes
part of every energy present in human auras, resulting in the people of Rainbow
vibration. Rainbow people are the next step in human evolution, they
demonstrate the sense of balance and wisdom that is the unconscious goal of all

The Rainbows are asking us to make a conscious decision to change
ourselves to facilitate transformation in the world. Wisdom isn’t as far off as
one might think; all it takes is a change in attitude in order, which in turn
creates an alteration in vibration.



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