Since Motivations & Know the Athlete are what I

Since the main focus of a sport should be
about the athletes, coaches have many factors
in building a successful team. To identifying particular characteristics
(qualities and abilities) to be a good coach, below I have identified what a coach may be
required to fulfil. 

Knowledge – Understanding of the fundamental skills
to advance tactics and    strategies involved
in the game. The ability to share what they know and a sense for overcome weakness
and build on strengthen.

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t  Developing
Athlete’s Skills –
Inspires and empowers an athlete or team to achieve their full potential. By critique
player’s skills by using sports readiness attainment of motor skills, social
development, and cognitive aptitude. Coaches with specific objectives and goals
focused on developing potential, and increasing performance”

t  Communication
Skills – Set defines goals, gives feedback, inspire through
words and actions, and adapts their communication style to tailor to the individual
athletes to make sure that key message is communicated clearly. And an open
door policy for a two way communication for both coach and player to learn from
one another.

t  Motivations
& Know the Athlete – Pay attention
to the player strengths, weakness, and the player’s emotions while participating,
to be a mentor and or counsellor as well as coach. Inspire them to make the
most of their performance and help them meet their personal potential.

There are so many more qualities that I
could continue to list, but these four qualities Knowledge, Developing
Athlete’s Skills, Communication Skills, Motivations & Know
the Athlete are what I find to me most helpful to my success as an athlete. I
still have a lot to learn within the development of my basketball skills, I’ve
been called a late bloomer. A coach that promotes learning new things is very exciting
and coupled with the four qualities I have listed above will help me work
through problems in a relaxed way.  Not
only… but also helping me with any self-esteem and confident issues to take me
to the next level with in my game. 


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