Sexual women ,to educates man , and to prevent


Sexual harassment should be charged


                  Sexual harassment is a sort
of unwelcoming sexual advances that require sexual favor and any other physical
or verbal act of a sexual nature .Unwelcomed sexual advances often request a sexual
favor, a verbal, physical conduct of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment mostly happen
when someone ask for a sexual favor to someone and  then when the person say no, this interfere unreasonably
with their job, school or, any other thing .It usually create a very hostile
uncomfortable work, school environment. Sexual harassment can happen any place
and anytime .In school, work, at home .Sexual harassment is never been an easy
thing to deal with, for women especially. Because most of the time women are
the one going through sexual harassment .Our society seems to not care about the
issues. For many years people were tough to be ashamed of talking about being
sexual harassed  and sexual harasser are
usually do not get punished for their behaviors, and this does not help the
issues .I think sexual harassment should be punished  to help decrease the issues , reduce fear to
women ,to educates man , and to prevent sexual assault.                        

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                        The first reason why
sexual harassment should be punished is to decrease the number of sexual
harassment .The amount of women being sexual harassed is increasing over the year
because no one get charged, women faces sexual harassment every day in school,
and especially at work, however our government do nothing about it .I believe
that if there was some sort of punishment toward sexual harassment,. Women
would not be worrying about it also , if the sexual harasser gets charged to
pay a fines or to go jail, the amount of the problems will decrease because no
one really like going to jail, or waste money.

               The second reason why sexual
harassment should be charged is to take away fear from women and to give them a
voice and a power to discuss about it. Studies say that many women faces sexual
harassment at work, school   but are
afraid to talk about it .The main they reason don’t aboard the subject  is because they think that it will changed
nothing to talk about .since our system do nothing  anything against it ,Some women are even
afraid to lose their privilege at work , or school . I believe that if sexual
harassment is charge, many women will be more comfortable and will come together
to discuss about the issues and try to find a solution, I think this will take
away their fear. For example, if one get charged for sexual harassment, this
will encourage women to speak up about it.

            The third reason why sexual
harassment should be charged is  educate
and to teach Men to keep their hand to themselves.some men are not well
educated and come from a family that probably did not teach them, how to talk
to a women or how to keep their hand to themselves. Other people are just
ignorant and not know where or not to touch a female or how to talk to someone
and therefore they think it is normal to talk to women in certain way or to
touch them inappropriately. I believe that sexual harassment is punished, they
will be tough a lesson ant therefore, will not do this again.

                  The fourth reason why sexual harassment should
be charged to prevent rape. Not charging someone for sexual harassment might result
later in to some serous actions like rape. For example when men sexual harassment
women and people do not anything about .men will might think that their action
are not wrong ,and these will develop in to something more serous like raping
someone .I think that people should deal with sexual harassment now before it
turn in to something more serous .

                           As a conclusion,
sexually assaults should never be acceptable because, it very uncomfortable to
women and should be punished because, the number of sexually assaulted people
will decrease, women will have the courage to speak and will be less afraid,
and it will also teach men how to behave, with women and not to touch them inappropriately,
and decrease the amount of rape.


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