SECURITY security is provided for safety this applies to


Malware is considered as any dangerous and harmful software
that is created specifically with the sole intention of fully controlling the
system and causing serious havoc or even stealing very sensitive personal
information to it which is mainly done without the owner having an idea of what
is going on. this is a very common way most people.

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Five preventive measures for malware

Antivirus- This is any software that is
specially written and designed to show and terminate any harmful malware that is
on your computer system, the antivirus tries to search for any kind of threat
that is located on your system if it finds any it will then proceed to
eliminate it with the consent of the user. This is very important in every
organization to curb for any unwanted threats.



Preventing download from suspicious websites- It
is very common for a lot of people to download files, application, music ,
movies  etc online in this century. In
this instance a lot of people have decided to take advantage of it by uploading
files with malware so that immediately you download from these sites ,you then
tend to download these threats without your knowledge which tend to harm your
computers system before you even realise.That being the case downloading should
be minimized or downloading should be done from trusted websites.


Firewalls and intrusion detection software- This
is one of the most important things that you have to do on your  system that can really help individuals,
organizations,shops etc the firewall and intrusion detection software serves
as  security measures of the network just
as in the real word security is provided for safety this applies to the
firewall and intrusion detection software 
, they find and prevent any suspicious software from entering your system
through your network,this is a very good thing to have especially for an
organization to prevent them from cyberattacks.



Clicking on pop up windows- a lot of people see
this all the time when they are surfing the internet all of a sudden a pop up
from somewhere just comes and asks you to run a system scan or tells you have a
virus on your computer and you need to download the file to get rid of it, that
is a malware that when you download they just come and destroy your system and
a lot of people are using this to get to people and if you are not careful you
can be affected to,so never click on pop ups.


Avoid downloading strange  attachments in e-mail-some of the malware
also comes in the form of email attachments, immediately you download them they
take control of your computer system and do really dangerous things to it, so
the precautions to take is that you should examine the sender of the mail and
attachment if it does not relate to you try as much as possible to avoid
downloading it.


How to detect safe and unsafe


  In the kind of world
we live in now it is very difficult for anyone surfing the internet because the
internet is a global network of computers and you may find it very hard when
searching for stuff on whether it is a safe or unsafe place but there are a lot
of ways to check now.


Secure icons-most updated web browsers now
include this feature when you are using it for instance if you type in any url
or follow a link anywhere most browsers would show you whether it is a secure
or unsecure site it is normally a padlock shown like the one below




The one above shows that the website is safe and secure to
browse on.






This one above shows that it is an unsecure site to browse


ii) Google safe browsing -This is also another way to detect
safe and unsafe websites,it immediately warns you when you are browsing through
suspicious just have to type    

followed by the url then it shows you whether it is safe.







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