Secular because people take things different and religion shouldn’t

Secular purpose has been relied on by the Supreme Court four times to invalidate a state statute. In Epperson v. Arkansas, the court ruled that Arkansas couldn’t have a statute that exhibited evolution at a public school. The courts brought up that the state shouldn’t put up the statute because people take things different and religion shouldn’t be at a public school. In Stone v. Graham, the court told the state of Kentucky that it isn’t required for public schools to post a copy of the ten commandments in a classroom. They said that it was undeniably showing religious ethics. In Wallace v. Jaffree, The courts declared it unconstitutional when an Alabama law mandated a period of silence. In Edwards v. Aguillard, it was argued that evolution and “creation science” should be treated the same. For example, if one theory was introduced to the classroom the other theory had to as well so it wouldn’t seem biased. In McGowan v. Maryland, the question of whether school should be closed or not on Sunday was argued. Sunday was seen as a religious day for most citizens. The court rejected an establishment clause on this argument, mainly because this is the way things have been and Sunday has always been a significant day. Another argument that was brought up was whether schools should be allowed to decorate for holidays such as Christmas. Some argued that it promoted a religious content. People also dispute of the fact that people who are biased towards a certain religion are second class citizens that are denied the right to participate in a legislative process. Secular purpose helps determine whether a law is constitutional under the establishment clause. I’m secular purpose there mustn’t be the primary effect of of either advancing or inhibiting religion and the religion must not become entangled with the government. It is also said that people may choose a side based on religious beliefs and I agree with them. People don’t realize it but they may end up being biased and in our court system we need to be as unbiased as we can. So personally to me the article seems a little biased towards the fact that religion is okay to exhibit in school. But that’s my view. I’m the article it stated how religion can be shown with a cause of education. And that getting rid of Sunday isn’t good because it’s a traditional day of worship. So to me it’s a little biased


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