Samsung 2018, there is a good opportunity to publish

Samsung Galaxy
Note 9

The Samsung
Galaxy Note 9 can actually be on the front without a frame, as well as an AI
chip, an improved image, a scanner and a variable-pitch camera, and can be used
for a new construction.

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GALAXY Note 8 is one of Samsung’s biggest phones, and does not mention a better
one. There is no doubt that it will follow suit with the Samsung Galaxy 9 in

Of course,
we’ve already heard the first rumors about the phone. It suggests that it can
do more than iPhone X. Let’s find out everything we can know at the bottom of
the following note. Some of our analysis and features that we’d like to see and
some enhancements.

date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung
Galaxy Note 8 was released on August 23 and released in September, and
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was a similar timetable for the previous year.

Thus, in late
2018, there is a good opportunity to publish the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
However, according to the investor, some market observers believe it could be
exposing it from mid-August. In the first quarter of 2018, Samsung has been
digging its crown.

Galaxy Note 9 news and rumors

The biggest
Samsung galaxy note 9, rumors are connected to its fingerprint scanners.
Samsung and Apple both say that they are doing this, but failed to get their
latest models for the time being, and Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8 are coming up
from the highest level in Samsung’s Galaxy of the Samsung, Apple iPhone X. The
latest rumors of this topic come from analysts at KGI Securities. Their screen
scanners will not be properly formatted for the Samsung Galaxy S9. But it is
for recording. It still has all the front-facing screens on its handset and the
easy-to-install scanners. Especially now, Vivo has a reason to believe that
this technology is exactly displayed.

But it seems
Samsung has gone further with the 9th signal. It has not only got the
fingerprint scanner, but also the concept of smartphones inside the
front-facing camera and sensors that are actually designed for frame-free design.
However, this could be most exemplary for the launch in 2018.

It can be the
most targeted target for the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung has said it will continue
this long for a long time, suggesting that this phone could land on the phone
this year.

However, it
will be delayed too late to use in Note 9. And Samsung does not have to have
such a trial technology experience on a major foundation.

On the other
hand, another patent is what we look like on the 9th panel. Samsung has
designed a phone with a curve on the right-hand corner of the screen, but it’s
not the far left.

It’s unusual
for a phone and is very different from notes 8, it’s doubtful that it will be
used for Notes 9, but you never know. However, note note 9, when it is made
with a new substance. Samsung has named Metal 12 as a strong and lightweight

For the exit
from the outside, Korea Herald reported that Samsung could equip the Galaxy
Note 9 with an NPU (Non-Operating Device). It’s mainly AI chips such as Apple
and Huawei have started using their basics. Even though Samsung is unclear
about what chips are being used, things can be fast on the phone.

Note 9 is a
great opportunity for updating the iris scanner, while the Samsung Galaxy S9
improves the lens from 2MP to 3MP, which will be enough for a sizeable note.
Identifying poor light users, it is said to be faster. And it also has a new
camera. Note 8’s dual-lens camera can hold, but there are certain factors that
some Galaxy S9 variable sized ops can, which means switching between two
different shifts using a single lens. 9.

We have heard
so far. But we have certain things in the Galaxy Note 9. One thing is that it’s
Note 8 Super AMOLED display, S Pen and at least 6GB RAM with a large curve.
Based on past models, when launching Note 9, the top end of Snapdragon or
Exynos can be played on the chipset.

content of galaxy note 9

Rumors have
so far been rumored that about 9 Samsung Galaxy Tabs have been rumored. But we
have a good idea of what we want to see in the following way.

1. An in-purdah

This is
rumored and it will be a big headline for the phone. A rear scanner is unique.
But it will be easier to build it in the screen. The Galaxy Note 9, with its
striking high tech, is futuristic. Samsung is confident that it works. It’s
just a question of whether it is set up to launch in 2018’s Notes.

2. Room-filled

There are
many things about Samsung Galaxy Note 8, But there are no speakers. It has one
of the bottom-firing soeaker , Note 9 requires at least two speakers. And, when
you look at the screen, you need to place the phone on the front of the phone
for sound. Notes 9 However large, however, you can actually control four
speakers for big sounds.

3. Superb Bixby

Bixby, one of
the most advanced features of Samsung, needs something to understand what it
says in the present. Note 8: It should be a true Google Assistant and Siri
rival.However, since it is not necessary for us to use it anyhow, we will
definitely be able to change the Bixby button.

4. Two-day
( powerful ) battery life

Samsung has 8
watts of battery life in Samsung Galaxy Note, but note what happened with Note
7, but it’s important that on the 8th day you can not see one day and you can
stay on it during the night. Also, the Samsung phone is charging fast, and it
will not be charged. It can be a secure precaution. But if Samsung is able to
find two ways to live for two days and without really having a fast charge,
without reassurance we are happy.

5. Ameliorate
face scanning

Although the
Face ID of the iPhone X is sometimes its vertical phone, it is not the first
phone to play it to scan. Not Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But that’s not very safe.
Illegal image It is a place where you can make sense of ignorance. So we want
to go skating to face for 9 galaxies, but only if it’s better. If you can trust
the Face Face number, Samsung can be a real winner.

This unique,
feature-packed Note 9 mobile phone will soon be near you.











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