Road lives every year globally, and the cost of

Road traffic accidents (RTAs) are among the top five causes of
morbidity and mortality in Southeast Asian countries.1 Road traffic
accidents in India are emerging as the major cause of death and injury with
subsequent disability and burden on economy and strength of the nation.
According to Road Traffic Accidents report (2016) the total number of road accidents is
reported at 4,80,652 causing injuries and claiming 1,50,785 lives in the
country. This would account, on an average, into 1317 accidents and 413
accident deaths taking place on Indian roads every day; or 55 accidents and 17
deaths every hour, followed by unimaginable suffering to kith
and kin and loss of property.2
The economic damage due to RTAs results in more than 3.7% loss of national
GDP of India. Road traffic accidents, trauma, and deaths
are increasing steadily with increase in number of vehicles on road, more prosperity leading to
increased travel and host of other
factors associated with poor engineering of the roads,
negligent and rash driving, unchecked speed of vehicles on road, drunk driving, lack of alertness and
diversion of mind, and numerous other factors. Even as road traffic injury rates in many high income countries have
stabilized or declined in recent decades,
the data suggest
that in most regions of the world, they are increasing as a result of
increasing motorization.3


Road traffic accidents
affect all age groups and all genders; however,
more than 83% of victims are males. The main victims of RTAs are between 15 and 34 years of age are
main victims of RTA amounting to more
than 53% of injured. More than 120 lakh people lose their lives
every year globally,
and the cost of traffic accidents stands at
US$230,000 million annually. India has the poorest and worst record of
road safety in the world. We
have not been able to pay attention to increasing RTAs and the morbidity and mortality
associated with it. Trauma victims who deserve immediate attention do not get the priority because of lack of funds,
lack of official
focus on the problem, lack of
infrastructure, lack of drive, initiative
and vision. The multiplicity of institutions and the absence of dedicated authority
with responsible attitude add up to ongoing misery.
Information on the injury patterns,
nature, and outcome are extremely limited in
India, as trauma registries and hospital-based research
have not developed systematically.4

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Among the vehicle categories, motor cyclists accounted for the highest
share in total number of road accidents (33.8 per cent) in 2016, followed by
cars, jeeps and taxis (23.6 per cent), trucks, tempos, tractors and other
articulated vehicles (21.0 per cent), Buses (7.8 per cent), Auto-Rickshaws (6.5
per cent) and other motor vehicles (2.8 per cent). The share of motor cyclists
in total road accidents has increased from 28.8 per cent in 2015 to 33.8 per
cent in 2016.2 So this study is taken to known…….


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