“R?m?mb?ring W? all want to b? known as som?on?

“R?m?mb?ring that I’ll b? d?ad
soon is th? most important tool I’v? ?v?r ?ncount?r?d to h?lp m? mak? th? big
choic?s in lif?. B?caus? almost ?v?rything — all ?xt?rnal ?xp?ctations, all
prid?, all f?ar of ?mbarrassm?nt or failur? – th?s? things just fall away in
th? fac? of d?ath, l?aving only what is truly important. R?m?mb?ring that you
ar? going to di? is th? b?st way I know to avoid th? trap of thinking you hav?
som?thing to los?”. ~ An ?xc?rpt tak?n from St?v? Job’s Stanford comm?nc?m?nt

Th? thought that continu?s to
haunt m? ?v?n now is that St?v? kn?w his lif? was ?nding soon; so h? want?d to
mak? it count. Thus proving wh?n d?ath is immin?nt lif? is important. That is
?xactly what I want to l?av? b?hind as my l?gacy.

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W? all want to b? r?m?mb?r?d for
som?thing, to b? known as mor? than m?r?ly ordinary, to b? s??n as som?on? who
truly mad? a diff?r?nc?. W? all want to b? known as som?on? who truly mad? a
diff?r?nc?, to l?av? an imprint on this world and to l?av? b?hind som?thing
that can mak? th? futur? a littl? bright?r.

From th? tim? w? ar? kids, w?’r?
told that w? ar? sp?cial and w? ar? d?stin?d for som?thing wond?rful, that w?
can tak? th? world by th? horns and that what?v?r w? s?t our minds to w? can
accomplish, that it’s our world and what w? choos? to do with it is up to us.

But what happ?ns wh?n our liv?s
chang? and our l?gacy turns into som?thing w? didn’t plan on? Things chang? in
a mom?nt and sudd?nly ?v?rything w? b?li?v?d, und?rstood or d?sir?d go?s out
th? window. Sudd?nly, w?’r? fac?d with a chanc? to r?writ? our d?stini?s, to
mak? things right no matt?r how bad w? think it suck?d b?for?. 

B?ing an only child and a boy, I
was always told that I could do what?v?r I chos? to do as long as I was
succ?ssful and h?ld my own. Ind?p?nd?nc? was k?y and that was my goal, to
b?com? a succ?ssful writ?r, to follow in my h?ro’s footst?ps, lik? Gilda Radn?r
and Tina F?y, but wh?n I got sick I had to r?arrang? ?v?rything and sudd?nly my
lif? turn?d in th? oth?r dir?ction. I had to r?cr?at? my d?stiny and so I
d?cid?d to start writing my own blog b?caus? in such mod?rn tim? I want?d
som?on? to l?arn from my ?xp?ri?nc?s and und?rstand that ?v?n without any
proper guidance and support which I could have if I had any brother or sister,
I still had to mov? forward and surviv?. 

I’v? had a lot of tim? to think
about this and coming so clos? to dying put things into p?rsp?ctiv?. I hav? had
r??valuat? major prioriti?s in my lif?, who I could b? around and whom was
willing to stick around. It’s int?r?sting to s?? how p?rf?ct strang?rs can b?
mor? kind than on?’s own family. 

I want to b? r?m?mb?r?d as
som?on? who mad? a diff?r?nc?, that a g??k boy in high school can b?com? mor?
and to show what th? oth?r sid? of lif? is lik?. To continually bounc? back and
fight wh?n giving up wasn’t an option. I want som?day for my childr?n to say
“wow, our dad’s impact on th? world ?xt?nds to p?opl? who r?ally n??d?d h?lp.”
I want what ?v?ryon? wants, to b? s??n as mor? than ordinary.

It’s tru? that things w? don’t
r?ally n??d or tak? for grant?d could m?an th? world to som?on? ?ls?. Mak?
d?cisions thinking about th? ?ff?cts th?y will hav? long-t?rm. As important as
it is to liv? in th? mom?nt, th?r? is som?thing to b? said about b?ing
conscious of th? futur?. I am by no m?ans saying you should w?ar yours?lf out
thinking about it, but think about that word or that action. In th? sam? way
on? n?gativ? action can hav? r?p?rcussions that last for y?ars to com?, so can
on? positiv? action. You s?? it ?v?ry day in t?ach?rs that inv?st in th?
“probl?m” child. Th?r? ar? so many stori?s about misund?rstood p?opl? whos?
liv?s w?r? chang?d by som?on? inv?sting in th?m.

Th? mor? w? l?arn to filt?r
d?cisions through c?rtain int?ntionality, th? mor? it giv?s this whol? thing a
bigg?r purpos?. Lif? is a pr?cious thing. Som? of us will g?t 100 y?ars h?r?,
som? will g?t significantly l?ss than that, but d?p?nding on th? approach w? hav?,
w? can mak? it on? h?ll of a story. Wh?th?r you ar? tw?nty-on? or nin?ty-on?,
if you ar? r?ading this, you hav? gr?at pot?ntial for good. You can b? th?
diff?r?nc? in som?on?’s lif?; you can b? th? catalyst for som?thing amazing in
anoth?r p?rson’s lif?.

W?’v? all got rol?s in our liv?s,
to b? a good son, fri?nd, cousin n?ph?w, ?tc., but it’s how w? us? it that
mak?s all th? diff?r?nc?. If w? r?ally try and r?ally want it, w? can actually
chang? th? world. Mayb? it’s th? hippi? g?n? inh?rit?d from my fath?r, but I
truly b?li?v? w? can mak? and br?ak our own d?stini?s. 


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