Remaining True to Ministry Essay

Remaining True to Ministry Essay

Compassion Burnout

The author of this report has been asked to take and assess two surveys. Once getting the results of the surveys, the author is to answer several questions. The first question asks the author how the author would deal with compassion fatigue if and when it rears its head. The second question asks how these reactions and other things lead to one’s improvement (or regression) in terms of spiritual growth. While most people want to be compassionate towards those in need, there are people that game the system, live self-destructive lives and otherwise end up where they are due to their own choices and vices.

Questions Answered

When it comes to the inventory portrayed in the first part of the assignment, the author of this report did quite well. That being said, there were a few questions that the author could not give a positive response for. When it comes to compassion fatigue, an obvious example would be question 18, located in section 3. Even if the people in a predicament that is partially or wholly of their own making, the author of this report is to remain compassionate and upbeat. Indeed, no should be left to starve or languish in the streets. At the same time, it is quite difficult to not become judgmental and assail them, to their face or behind their back, for the wrong choices they are making. Similarly, another question that was hard to answer with the proper emphasis was question 38. While committing to God is important, committing to family is also very important.

In estimation of the author of this report, a key part of keeping one’s compassion flowing without getting burned out or jaded is to treat every situation on its own rather than conflating or associating other encounters that may be similar. One should also remember that everyone chooses their own path, they are required to do, they are allowed to do so and all that can be done by a third party is to try and guide them in the right way. Recognizing that it’s service and compassion that should drive the giving is a huge part of keeping one’s spiritually sound. One should take their spiritual inventory quite often to make sure that there is progression and not regression. Further, prior experiences or assumptions should not color one’s behavior or assumptions with helping a new person. Non-verbal…


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