Relationships built between employees and employers will affect how

Relationships built between employees and employers will affect how both
management and workers perform and therefore the type of relationship would
have a direct impact on the organization. Human resources, the area in the
organization that focuses on recruiting new employees and managing existing
employees, plays a significant role in employment relationships as do several
additional internal and external factors. The organization would rely on the
leadership of HR to improve the relationships between employee and employer by
analyzing the internal and external factors.


The most apparent internal factor that would affect an employment
relationship would be communication with people. This could reflect the company
values and the relationships in which the manager holds with their workers. Employee motivation in the workplace affects relationships with management
and therefore employers should promote motivation in order to increase
productivity in the workplace. Communication between workers and management
generally makes the workplace more productive and content as the employees are
able to raise concerns. Involving employees in decision-making within the
organization can have a positive impact on working relationships. When an
organization emphasizes rewards and benefits positively impacting workers, the work
environment improves. Emphasis on punishing employees for poor performance is a
negative factor in employment relationships but has to be done. A small organisation such as the local farm park
would have the capacity to focus more on their employees as individuals. This
would create positive employment relationships as the workers would receive one
to one personal interaction with their management. The increasing number of employees
may mean there is less time for existing employees to receive individual
interaction with their management. This may negatively affect their employment
relationship as they may feel left out, no longer receiving attention. This
factor may also demotivate and stress workers as their routine and employment
relationship has changed, this could perhaps lead to an increase in employee

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Another internal factor that would affect an employment relationship
would be the operation of the organisation. This reflects on how easy it is for
employees to perform their role, the policies and procedures in place which
enable and disable employees and if the processes are easy to follow and user
friendly. Giving employees the correct training and guidance in the beginning
of their employment will help prevent any disappointment or expectations. This
also helps to build strong employment relationships as it gives them an
opportunity, through training, to understand the organisation and its morals. For
a small organisation such as the local farm, the profit of the farm would
highly rely on smooth operations. To operate smoothly staff will need to be
informed of any changes or updates.


An external factor that may affect an employment relationship could be
the wage rate that the organization offers. The local farm park, which is a
small organization, may not be able to offer competitive wages as they may not
have a large disposable income. If the wage rate is lower in comparison to another job with a similar job
role than the employees will certainly be tempted to leave the organization.
This will make head hunting easier and the company may lose efficient
employees. Although wages can negatively impact employment relationships, they
can also help to define the formality. Meaning the employee understands what
the management expects from them in return for a decent pay.


external factor could be seasonal.
Having a seasonal employee includes all such employees which are hired for a
definite period, like the local farm park in the above case study. However a seasonal
employee may not have an employment relationship as they don’t receive the
benefits of permanent and temporary employees and may not be able to form a
relationship with their management. Employment relationships are restricted in
this instance as the worker would only be hired for a certain period and
purpose in which ends after season. To prevent any worker from feeling
discriminated against, the organization could offer training or sessions to
improve employee relations.


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