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Recap of Terrorist GroupBoko Haram is one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in North Africa. Presently, the group has grown rapidly and poses immense threat on international nations particularly the United States. Unlike terrorist groups that rely on oil to fund their operations, this particular group acquires its operational funds from bank robbery (Genocide Watch, 2015). Additionally, its recent relations with Al-Qaeda makes the group even more dangerous and a major threat to the U.S.Overview of TargetsNew York City is famous for numerous things such as carrying out concerts. Additionally, other potential targets would be New York Times Square area, crowded rail and metro systems particularly the New York City Subway as well as parks. The New York rail and metro systems are one of the crowded places in the city. Particularly, the New York City Subway is considered as one of the largest transit systems with about 472 stations that are in operation. The subway provides approximately 3.3 million rides each Saturday and 2.7 million rides on a Sunday. Hence, the subway oversees approximately 5.9 million rides per weekend. Therefore, the subway is often busy in a 24 hour period and with numerous people making it a potential target. Although security may have improved in these areas, there are still numerous vulnerabilities that can be explored by terrorists. Identification of such weak areas with regard to security measures implemented in these stations may provide a way through which terrorists can stage attacks like bombings during morning rush hours. On the other hand, the New York Times Square has the capacity to accommodate thousands of people in the various infrastructure and services offered in the area (Marcus, 2017). The place has various infrastructures like impressive theaters that make the place a famous entertainment center. Additionally, Times Square has numerous restaurants, stores, bank buildings. Therefore, as the soul of the city, an attack in the Times Square can result in great and devastating outcomes with numerous injuries and loss of life. Staging a bombing particularly on a New Year’s Eve would be detrimental as the Times Square is where most locals gather to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Overall, the central location for Times Square makes it a potential threat in the event a big and mega attack is to be conducted in New York. The final attack target would be the Bryant Park that is always busy all year round (Marcus, 2017). The free activities offered in the park and other services like dinners, world class restroom. With the ability to host over six million individuals annually, the park is regarded the one of the busiest public areas. Hence, this park is an attractive place for terrorism and kidnappings of children as the busy nature of the area makes it difficult to notice any abnormal activity.These particular targets are of great importance to Boko Haram as they are directly associated with their methods of operation. Evidently, Boko Haram is famously known for carrying out suicide attacks, kidnappings and bombings (Whitlowzw, 2015). Through these techniques, they instill fear on their targets and drain the financial capacity of their targets. As such, these selected target areas may be essential for an attack as it will be help meet the organization’s operational criteria. From the Bryant Park, children can be kidnapped and they can be used to get money to fund the group’s operations. Additionally, the Times Square and the subway can also be used to destabilize the city and threaten the safety of the people.These type of public areas provide a soft target that can be easily attacked since they are mostly undefended and can generate a large number of casualties. Approaching the TargetsTerrorist attacks usually call for meticulous planning as well as preparation. As such, this process occurs in six stages namely selection of target, planning, deploying attackers, carrying out the attack, escaping and exploitation (Stratfor, 2005). The first step towards approaching a target would be identifying and selecting the appropriate target. The Boko Haram would particularly seek to attack Times Square due to its symbolic value in New York. Moreover, this target would help elicit a lot of media reaction and help the group to gain attention from the not only the U.S but also the rest of the world. As such, the target audience would be mainly the individuals watching the event unfold from the media with the objective of instilling fear amongst them.Additionally, this stage will comprise of numerous research on the targets so as to gain in-depth and detailed information regarding these places. Therefore, this will involve taking pictures, attaining local maps for the area, their histories as well as satellite images.The other step would be conducting pre-operational surveillance of the identified targets to examine areas of vulnerabilities. The planning would take approximately six months to one year to ensure that an effective plan is put in place. Through this, it would be possible to come up with strategies needed to circumvent existing security measures in the selected target areas. Additionally, specialized operatives will be recruited as well as design escape plans. Moreover, rehearsals will be conducted to assess effectiveness and success rate of the attacks. Furthermore, training on the use of equipment and weapons will be conducted (Habash, 2007). Finally, the reaction from the security force will also be assessed to develop an understanding on the response time and routes. Tactics on SceneThis event will comprise of multiple terror attacks that will take place simultaneously one after the other and result in total chaos with several suicide and car bombers deployed to various locations.The main attack will be carried out at the Times Square on Friday evening in one of the theaters. In this case, a mass hostage event will be carried out and several improvised explosive devices will be placed at strategic locations within and around the theatre. The objective of this attack would be to detain a large number of people who will be used for negotiations. The group will also utilize suicide vests to keep police away from intervening in the situation (Joint Special Assessment, 2008). Moreover, the group will put vehicle-borne IEDS in vehicles parked on the street to also deter police from intervening.The group managing the operation will be divided into three main subgroups with the first being the guarding or control group whose responsibility would be to seize and gain authority over the hostages and kill them in the event that the operation failed. The second subgroup would be the protecting group whose responsibility would be providing protection to the abductors (Joint Special Assessment, 2008). The last sub-group would be the negotiating group that would be charged with the role of spearheading the negotiation process. The main demand from the terrorist group would be the eradication of western education from Nigeria based on the fact that they consider western education as sin. As such, the group would demand for the closure of all schools operated in the western style or operated under an American leadership within Nigeria.The second subsequent attack will be staged at the New York City Subway station during the morning rush hour on Saturday morning while other hostages are being held at the theatre. Since counter-terrorism efforts would be concentrated on saving the hostages at the theatre, little security measures will be directed at the subway stations and this would provide the opportunity to launch another attack in the subway. In this particular phase, suicide bombers will be amid the large number of passengers waiting for their early morning ride to various destinations. Out of the 472 stations that make up the subway, ten will be automatically selected based on the train schedule during the morning rush hour. Hence, the suicide bombers will detonate their bombs simultaneously at the agreed upon time across the 10 stations. The suicide bombers will carry Improvised Explosive Devices in athletic bags and camouflage themselves amid the large number of travelers (Joint Special Assessment, 2008). In this frenzy, the second attack will occur at the Bryant Park in which one of the terrorist groups will kidnap several girls playing at the park and take them to the holdup point.Additionally, improvised explosive devices will be located in strategic places within the park and remotely detonated to create confusion and provide room for the kidnapping to occur. Boko Haram has indirect relationship with New York and the selected targets. This relationship comes as a result of growing ties with ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Currently, Boko Haram has advanced its tactics and operational methods by sharing techniques that are similar to ISIS and Al-Qaeda such as the use of girls to conduct suicide bombings (Ebuzor, 2016). Additionally, Boko Haram is believed to have sworn allegiance to ISIS hence increased possibilities of mutual collaboration in terrorism activities. Last year, three sympathizers of ISIS who had been radically inspired by ISIS planned to attack New York City Times Square and the efforts failed (Whitehouse & Fears, 2017). Based on this, I believe this would be the opportunity for Boko Haram to show its allegiance with ISIS by completing this unfinished attack. While the supposed ISIS sympathizers were amateurs, Boko Haram stands a better chance due to its experience from previous terrorism acts. There is a big possibility that the attacks could be successful. Although Boko Haram is a home-grown terrorist group from Nigeria and mainly operates from this part of the city, the group has become larger and extremely dangerous. Its successful attacks on churches, schools, defenseless civilians as well as international organizations shows it has potential to skillfully plan and carry out an attack successfully. Additionally, it’s growing relationships with other terrorists groups like the Al-Qaeda and ISIS among others places Boko Haram at an added advantage of successfully attacking the mentioned targets (Meehan, 2012). Notably, its affiliation with these famous terrorist groups may assist the group with resources needed to conduct an attack of such magnitude.Means of EscapingDuring terrorist attacks, it is often vital to have an escape plan or plans. For the suicide bombers this will not be required but the support personnel as well as handlers would need a plan to evade from the response team (Habash, 2007). That said, it is also essential for a contingency escape plan to be executed to help civilians escape from the area under attack. In the event of the attack, the contingency plan to help rescue those in proximity to the target area will include various interventions. First, about 100 trucks will be made available to help evacuate those in the affected target areas as well as ferry those who are injured to hospitals and out of the Time Square or other areas. To add to this, ambulances and first-aid providers from the red-cross would also be available to help in emergency treatment. Additionally, a strategy would be put in place to help evacuate other victims by ferrying them with boats out of the affected area (Roberts, 2005). This would help evacuate approximately 100,000 victims. Moreover, it would be vital to ensure that two crosstown expressways are constructed to ensure an easy and speedy escape route. Furthermore, a map for the city would be available and provided to escape troop leaders to guide escapees out of the target area. Additionally, in worst case scenario, the city would be put under lockdown to ensure that those involved in planning and carrying out the attack are apprehended. The lockdown will also help in carrying thorough search of all areas in which perpetrators may hide so as to ensure those captured provide information on whether other attacks have been planned. This type of information would help reduce further possible casualty count.In conclusion, anti-terrorists organizations should work towards decreasing access to public places by making such areas less attractive as well as enhance defense measures in highly crowded areas. Moreover, anti-terrorism measures should be implemented in all areas to help decrease potential casualty count (Stratfor, 2005). To add to this, counter surveillance initiatives should be included in daily programs to help in interrupting the attack cycles.


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