Rationale: target market will largely include families and women

Rationale: Pt 2 – Language & Mass CommunicationI will be creating an advertising pitch, which is portrayed in speech form, which the presenter directly reads from as he/she presents this pitch. In this pitch I will discuss about the main components of an advertising pitch, which includes the brief, brand recognition, brand loyalty and brand leader, those elements are significant as they help advertising organizations to promote a product or service. I have chosen this form of text as it is linked to our “Advertising” course, where we explored different forms of advertising (i.e. women in advertising). In advertising how and what language is used is significant, the use of certain emotive words tend to spark certain emotions causing the targeted audience to react. Although powerpoints are very useful to present a pitch, I have chosen the form of a speech because speeches reveal the presenter’s best and worst qualities which also affects the quality of the pitch itself. Therefore, since the quality of the pitch is also affected by how it’s presented it is crucial to have a well structured pitch that helps the speaker articulate his/her thoughts and ideas. My audience for this pitch will be the company that requested an advertising pitch, which in this case is Anderex, hence this pitch will be presented to the board of Anderex.  The purpose of this text is to sell an advertising pitch to Andrex. Words: 231Good morning ladies and gentlemen! (Move forward)The brief(Change slide) Although Andrex started off as a company selling dispensable handkerchiefs for men, over the years it has developed to become one of UK’s largest grocery product categories. This brand has remained to be the brand leader of the market for almost 40 years now.  In addition according to a marketing magazine published in August 2002, Anderex tissue was listed as the biggest brand for UK’s non-food industry. (Change slide) Not to forget, the puppy is Britain’s favorite brand icon. (Move left of stage) However to sustain this leadership in this fast changing world, Andrex needs to adjust a few things in terms of advertising techniques. (Change slide) Our target market will largely include families and women in particular, because statistics have demonstrated that women and families consume a great amount of tissue per day for makeup and household. (Back to central position) Moreover, recently claims have been made from customers about how Andrex is not very relevant, as there are other tissue brands that can be bought at a lower price than Andrex, after all they all have the same function. Thus, Andrex’s problem was that the consumers perceived no real difference between Anderex and other brands.  (Change slide) Therefore our objective will be to convince our audience why they should “pay more”; and detract attention from price to value; getting our consumers to focus more in quality than price will increase the demand for Anderex over other brands. The project launch date will be May 2016. The design budget will be £85,000.Firstly I would like to start by thanking you all for giving me the opportunity and time to present my ideas today morning (smile with eye contact and hand gestures). My name is Millena Tecleab and I am the creative director of Nordly, I am here today morning to present you my pitch. (Begin slide and move left of stage) Nordly is based in Oslo, Norway and we have been in operation for 35 years now. We, at Nordly believe we can meet your campaigns requirement since we have been doing this for 70 years now and so we are very experienced in terms of advertising; in addition we are listed as one of Europe’s most popular advertising companies . Hopefully, this presentation will meet your conditions and will not disatify you (back to central position).Brand recognition: (Change slide) One of the few things we will be improving for a better brand recognition is the advertising of the product, (move forward, right) ads that connect with the consumers and create positive reactions increase the probability of recognition, this can be accomplished through the constant display of the Andrex puppy on all the Ads for Anderex. Since the first advert with the Andrex puppy in 1972, the puppy has stolen the hearts of many viewers, and through the use of the puppy Andrex ads have starred in more than 130 TV adverts since. In addition, identity is crucial in terms of brand recognition, brands that have a clear visual identity are easier to be recognised; thus, for Andrex ads the puppy logo is a very successful icon that presents Andrex’s identity, since the customers develop emotional attributes to the puppy presented on the package which gets the brand to easily be recognised. This is very significant because the decision process is heavily influenced by recognition, and so when the consumer knows what he/she is going to buy but can’t decide which product or brand, the brand that was featured on TV needs to stick into the consumer’s memory to be recognized among the thousands of other brands (engage audience by asking about their experience while shopping).Brand Loyalty:(Change slide; move left) The Andrex puppy logo is a very successful icon that creates an immense, emotionally driven loyalty towards the brand over competing brands, since the customers are prone to developing an emotional and sensitive bond with the puppy.Brand leader: (Change slide) Andrex tissue paper has been a brand leader for the past 40 years, as a matter of fact it’s considered a household item in most homes, however this leadership need to be maintained (move center of stage).This will be the final product: Logo: Andrex puppyResearches show that the use of animals brings an emotional reaction to a client which increases brand awareness and target the message at a lower level of attention.Color: BrownBrown is a strong, reassuring color that is comforting and reliable Brown also connotes comfortBackground: silk Conotes luxury Wording: “silky soft”Consumers are more likely to associate the characteristics of the puppy and the silk in the advert “fell fabulous” or “silky soft” with the toilet paper(Smile while moving forward) Thank you so much for all of you attention, I would like to thank Anderex on behalf of Nordly, and I hope this pitch has met you objectives! If you have any questions, I am happy to answer.  


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