Rahul dimensions of physical objects [1] as shown in

Rahul Vala


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CSCI 5708

January 23, 2018


MeasureKit                                                                                           Augmented Reality Ruler Tools


Link to application: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ar-measurekit/id1258270451?mt=8


Augmented Reality (AR) is making its way into today’s world. MeasureKit applies the principles of augmented reality and uses them for measuring the dimensions of the real-world objects. It uses mobile phone camera for visual input and processes it using multiple custom internal algorithms in order to visually understand the world 1. This application provides following measurement tools.


1.       Ruler

To measure straight lines on vertical and horizontal surfaces 1 as shown in figure 1.


2.       Trajectory

Measure lengths by drawing with the mobile device in space 1 as shown in figure 2.


3.       Marker Pin

Measure distances from the mobile device to fixed points 1 as shown in figure 3.


4.       Angles

Measure corners and angle values in degrees 1 as shown in figure 4.


5.       Person Height

Detect a face and measure how tall somebody is 1 as shown in figure 5.


6.       Cube

Specify cube sizes and visualize the dimensions of physical objects 1 as shown in figure 6.


7.       Level

Check if something is perfectly horizontal or vertical 1 as shown in figure 7.


This application was chosen because it measures with higher level of accuracy by collaborating the camera and augmented reality. Moreover, its higher reliability and efficiency puts it at higher level of acceptance with respect to other applications of this type.


In everyday life, users need to measure dimensions of various physical objects. Moreover, this application proves to be very useful to professional users like interior designer, fashion designer, carpenter, civil engineer etc.


This is a utility-based application, which uses Swift for its user interface development. Moreover, it also uses the frameworks in Augmented Reality (AR).


The main strength of this application is that the application shows accurate and reliable measures. Moreover, it is more realistic with respect to other applications on app stores because it provides the functionality of measuring dimensions in 3D space. On the weakness side, this application provides only one feature in the free version and it charges $6.99 to unlock other features. Additionally, the application does not perform well in measuring the dimensions of complex shaped objects.  


In this application, as shown in the figure 8 when complex shapes are drawn, it is hard for the user to separate one line (drawn virtually to measure the distance) from another. So, as an improvement, the developers should generate colored line with every single line that the user draws.





                    Figure 1 1                                                                                        Figure 2 1


                  Figure 3 1                                        Figure 4 1                                      Figure 5 1






                  Figure 6 1                                      Figure 7 1                                      Figure 8 1


First Heuristic Evaluation: Visibility of System Status

As shown in above screenshots, the application provides the ruler, path and the distance measured to the user. So that, when the user is measuring the dimensions of physical objects, he/she can see the shape of the object drawn virtually in the augment reality as shown in figure 6. Apart from the drawing of the objects, the system also shows the length of each and every edge of the structure. Moreover, the user can change the unit (centimeters, inches, millimeters) of the length of the edges.       


Second Heuristic Evaluation: Aesthetic and minimalist design

As per this heuristic, the system is more efficient if it doesn’t provide too much information in haphazard manner. This application provides proper visualization of the measurements with proper dimension information. However, as mentioned in suggested improvements, the shape of the physical object will be represented with more efficacy if each edges of the virtual structure are of different color. So that, it will be easy for the user to distinguish between two edges and avoid complex structures as shown in figure 8.  




Continue on PC                                                                                              Bring the webpages from phone to the PC


Link to application: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/continue-on-pc/id1254607852?mt=8


One of the main reason for the popularity of the mobile devices is portability. People can use mobile devices anywhere using the touchscreen for various tasks such as web browsing. Sometimes certain websites are so much interesting such that the user needs to open and browse them on his/her personal computer. That’s where Continue on PC comes into play. This application holds 20th rank on the iTunes in the productivity section 2. With the help of this application, the user can transfer the webpage (that is already open on the browser of the mobile device) to his/her personal computer.


For first time users, this application requires the user to sign in (or sign up if the user doesn’t have a Microsoft account) to the Microsoft account from the mobile device as well as the personal computer. Then, the user needs to add the mobile phone to the computer from the settings as shown in figure 10. After adding the mobile device to the computer, the user can easily send the web pages by selecting “Continue on PC” option in the mobile device as shown in figure 9.


This application was chosen because of its productivity. It saves time and effort in accessing the websites (which are open on mobile device) on personal computers. 


When a user arrives to a web page after a long browsing on his/her mobile device, most common option is to remember the URLs of the websites and then open them on the PC. This task is tedious as well as time consuming. However, this application can easily open the websites on multiple personal computers with the help of only one click.


This application uses Swift for its user interface and functionalities. Continue on PC is a productivity-based application.


This application supports more than 59 languages. Moreover, this application is free, extremely fast and simple to use. However, is has several weaknesses. On the computer side, this application only supports Windows operating system. Additionally, it only opens webpages in Microsoft Edge browser. Moreover, this application lets the user transfer only web pages. At last, according to the user reviews on iTunes, this application has compatibility issues with some devices.


As an improvement, the application will be more productive if it provides the functionality of sending anything (photos, videos, docs etc.) to the computer instead of just webpages. 





Figure 9 3

Figure 10 3



First Heuristic Evaluation: Help users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors

In this application, the only point where the user can make mistake is where the system shows the user different options to select a computer and the user have to choose a computer to send the webpage. At that time, if the user makes a mistake and clicks on a wrong option, there is no option to recover from that error because the webpages instantly pop up on the computer screen. Moreover, there is no way to recognize or diagnose the error if the computer is not in near range (because cannot see the webpage pop up on that computer).


Second Heuristic Evaluation: Help and Documentation

As discussed above, at first the user needs to setup accounts in both devices (mobile device and the personal computer) and then pair the mobile phone with the computer. This task can be intimidating for some users. However, the introductory section of the application explains above steps in very easy way and it also includes the screenshots for better understanding. Moreover, its documentation website (3) also provides detailed knowledge about the functionalities in this application.




1 “MeasureKit – AR ruler app for iOS 11,” MeasureKit – AR ruler app for iOS 11. Online.      Available: https://measurekit.com/. Accessed: 26-Jan-2018.


2 M. Corporation, “Continue on PC on the App Store,” App Store, 24-Jul-2017. Online. Available: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/continue-on-pc/id1254607852?mt=8. Accessed: 26-Jan-2018.


3 C. Hunt, “How to use ‘Continue on PC’ for Android and iOS in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update,” Windows Central, 02-Oct-2017. Online. Available: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-continue-pc-windows-10. Accessed: 26-Jan-2018.




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