Question position. This detailed job description creates the conditions

Question 1.1


By Job Analysis, we describe the process of identifying and recording both the tasks and the knowledge and skills required to perform a job effectively. Job Analysis is the cornerstone and benchmark for many activities and operations of the Human Resources Division in businesses and organizations.

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An essential prerequisite for an efficient staff selection is clearly the existence of a properly analyzed job that will accurately record the obligations of the position. This detailed job description creates the conditions for effective selection and recruitment of new staff. If you know what you’re looking for, then you know when and if you found it.


The truck driver deals with the transport of goods or containers, either within the country or abroad. The truck driver transports various goods from the place of loading to the place of unloading and arranges for the delivery of the goods within specified time limits. The correct loading and handling of the goods on the truck is the driver’s main duty to avoid accidents, both for himself and for the other drivers on the national road network. At the same time, he carries out for the maintenance of the truck and the good operation of the truck engine.


The truck driver drives many hours under harsh conditions, especially during the night hours, without a specific timetable. Frequent journeys and stays for many days away from home are common conditions for the heavy-duty of truck drivers. The stress and the intensity in the performance of his professional activities are quite high, due both to the timely transport of his cargoes to the destination and to his long stay outside his home and his family.


Dealing with the job of a truck driver presupposes that the person who engages in it should be comfortable with driving different types of vehicle, be careful and focused on driving or loading the truck, be consistent and responsible for the correct arranging the goods on the truck and adhering to the delivery deadlines. He must also enjoy long journeys and frequent movements, be able to remain vigilant for several hours, have physical strength, patience, good vision and excellent reflexes. Finally, he must be able to deal with problems and difficult situations that may arise during his work.


In order, someone to work as a truck driver no formal education or special studies are required, only to have attained the age of 21 years old and has obtained a license to drive heavy capacity vehicles which issued by the Ministry of Transport. Training in this job can also be done through the apprenticeship and training at the workplace, on condition that the person has a professional driving license.



Question 1.2


Job re-design is a process that changing the existing working position. This can lead to improvements in productivity and in job satisfaction.  In order, the manager to proceed with the re-designed of an existing working position first should have a very good picture and understand the job because this will not affect only the existing working position but will affect also the organization generally.


The main types of job design are:

·         Job enrichment

·         Job rotation

·         Job simplification

·         Job enlargement

Job enrichment is the approach of job design where you are adding more responsibilities and freedom to the existing working position. Job rotation is the approach of job design where the employees moving from job to job without any changes. Job simplification is the approach where the employee performs different job but with the same nature and the Job enlargement is the approach where you are adding more task in the same working position.


According to the article, the self-driving vehicles are going to change the job that the drivers so far were doing. This will make the job of a truck-driver more interesting by adding in the job more supervisory role and operation. The technology may change but the human drivers will continue to have a major role. We can see a very big similarity with the autopilot where was introducing at the early 70’s and the pilots had a negative attitude at that time. Today we can see that the pilots are still flying because are very necessary for the lifting and landing but also during the flight when the autopilot is on. The same may happen to the truck drivers as will be necessary for bringing the trucks to the freeways where the autopilot can take over. There also other types where the human will be required in an autopilot truck.


The best approach of job design I will use as an Operations Manager at Fed-Ex will be the job enrichment because you are giving to the truck-driver more responsibilities and freedom. This may give to the truck driver the authority to resolve customer problems as manager without first getting management approval. Training the drivers to the new technology and the new responsibilities will be necessary as the driver might have to analyze and monitor new types of data during the journey.



Question 2.1


Recent years companies adapting the culture to recruit new generation of workforce. Gen Z employees are the employees which born between 1995 and 2010 where the oldest is about 23 years old and are entering the workforce. Their characteristics are mainly about the attitude towards money and the way they face technology.


Introducing this Generation Z in the work environment also requires different approaches from the organizations. This generation grew up at the period of the internet, social media and the web 2 where it is possible for the user, in addition to acquiring information to generate information also. It’s not like the past where businesses presented information about themselves but in the web 2 the user creates information. We have a generation that knows there are no limits to the way we communicate. Although they grew up at a time of Viber and Skype, but are more like face-to-face communication, according to the Forbes study, which states that 53% of this generation prefers in-person discussion. They also grew in an environment very unstable due to the economic crisis where for them job-security and money are the top priority for them.


The recruitment is about how the business will attract employees to apply for a job and in the next step how to proceed with their selection. Given all of the above, the company will have to create a recruitment and selection process that will attract this type of employees. This type of employees will most likely be looking for a job via the internet, so the recruitment strategy will have to rely heavily on online publications, whether it concerns social networks or online job search portals.


As mentioned above, salary and job-security is very important. So, a good salary and an additional private insurance would be an additional incentive for the employee to approach this company. Also, it has begun in our days companies to give less importance to traditional education. This generation Z, grow up at a time when there was a lot of technological development, probably knows better than someone older who has studied it. Also, the company to attract this generation’s employees should put more emphasis on soft skills and especially on creativity and communication. After all, in the last few years, the workplace has changed a lot, and the demands on employees are changing frequently. What we need to look for is not just basic education but also for some specific soft skills.


Question 2.2


As mentioned in the previous question, job security and good wages are one of the top motivators for Generation Z. They also like autonomy and work at their own space. Technology has helped in this since it now enables you to work from anywhere without having to go to a specific place to do your job. For them it is very easy to work that way once they have grown up by this way and they are easier to communicate with. As employers, we should not be interested from where they will work but what they will do.


The company can set a bonus scheme and a promotion strategy based on their efficiency. Because as we said a god wage it is very important that we could also provide them with a health-insurance package where in our time and especially in Greece it will make the job even more attractive. Training schemes could also be created where employees would be able to cover different jobs in the future.


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