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Amruth Sabbisetti

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Question code:1A


Amruth Sabbisetti

Question code: 1A


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Creativity and innovation are the key drivers of value creation and
social change in our society 1. According to
Castells, people, social actors, companies and policy makers do need to do
anything to reach or develop the network society 1. We are in the network
society, although not everyone or everybody is included in its networks 1. Castells also describes
network society in border society taking many industries into consideration like
political parties, governance and schools etc. He mentions that in today’s
world networks has become basic units of modern society. So the position of
network society can be foreseen than the only to the information in society. He
also argues that technology is not only the basic simple thing that
characterizes contemporary societies but also comprises of other aspects like
political, economic and cultural aspects too in creating network society.

Daniel bell explains that post-industrial society there will be an enormous
growth in the third sector means the non-profit area outside of business and
government which includes schools, hospitals, and research institutes,
voluntary and civic associations 2. He has made emphasis
broadly on business corporations explaining economizing mode and sociologizing
mode and focuses on productivity, costs, efficiency, and performance of
corporations in detail. He has explained various levels of planning and other
conventionally measured terms like gross national product, private costs and
social costs etc.

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In post-industrial society mainly deals with change in structure of
social system. It is a transition of society’s development where most of the
economy is going to be generated in service sector than manufacturing or industrial
sector mainly in terms of employment too. From both the post-industrial society
and network society there is going to be flexibility in production system and flexibility
of customers choosing goods and services. And infusion of information
technology and multiple network systems increases productivity to major extent.
Post-industrial society also triggered cheap labor rates as there is more
competition in market.

Bell also states that latest upcoming technologies are going to
change employment structures too within society and this will lead division of
well paid workers and many unemployed citizen is world. Bell also states that
gone are those days where humans are made to work with machines for larger
durations of day. As the transition in service sector in happening very finite
amount of physically working labor in which there is existence of degree of
sociability and creativity. In post industrial sector, laborers majorly don’t work
on things they work with people in delivering a service. These kind of jobs perceived
by workers are appealing, satisfying and interesting. Knowledge elites has
control of processing of information and these class of working people comes
from technical universities, large economic enterprises and government
institutions 2. Bell also stated
that there will be a new class coming up called professional class instead of
labor class. During industrial society, labor was required to put physical
effort and after that it’s gone.



Amruth Sabbisetti

Question code:1A


Word Count: 523

According to Bell, in coming industrial society there are
disagreements in social and economic forms. The primary features of society are
knowledge and information. In the articles Castells also explains sharing of
information will vary between corporation using multiple networks and it makes
much easier for a company to produce goods. From both the articles they explains
that the way of using knowledge and information changes from agricultural
society to industrial society and post-industrial society. Business corporations
has been using new market strategies and new planning methods for them to
ensure profitability and productivity. The most common linkage between people
from different parts of world is knowledge and information.

Post-industrial society also combines advanced communication technologies,
management in system and production technologies too 2. All these advancements in
technologies will also related to production complexes and markets.

Bell and Castells has made valid points concerning information, knowledge
and technology. According to Peter drucker we have been collecting data and we
are in a phase to utilize data to represent it into information with upcoming technologies
like big data, Automation etc. Here Castells has also made some valid point
concerning impact of technology change not does not induce unemployment in
aggregate labor market 1. Although there are
some workers are displaced and some occupations are phased out like traditional
typists and other occupation etc most jobs are created and most displaced workers
are reemployed 1. Ability to work
and be an active component of a network becomes paramount in the new economy 1. This is what he has
conceptualized as self-programmable labor 1. He mentions that
companies remains to invest in this kind labor.  He mentions that self-programmable labor has
the power to bargain market and enjoys greater freedom at work.

Bell states that in post-industrial society states that new sciences
has made distinctive mode of life and we call it as economizing. Economizing is
the science of the best allocation of scarce resources among competing ends 2. It is an essential
technique to reduce waste. He also made a statement that there si a secret
mastered western society and he call it as productivity. The ability to gain a
more than proportional output from a given expenditure. In popular view,
productivity was made possible by introduction of machinery or more
specifically, the discovery of new forms of power, mechanical or electrical,
hitched to an engine. Productivity as concept became possible only through a
new supporting system which has dictated placements of machines in a new way by
introducing new men. Engineer and economist where engineer organizes machines
in a best layout where output can be highly achieved while economist introduced
a calculus of monetary costs within framework of relative prices.



So I support both Castells and Bell’s theories of society where information
and knowledge sharing is advancing and expanding in many industries and
Castells and also made an explanation on self- directed mass communication
system. It is called a mass communication because it is diffused internet and
so it potentially reaches people in whole planet. Thus the network society
constitutes socialized communication beyond the mass media system that
characterized the industrial society.



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