Question more effective ? How? Answer of the question

Question no 3: 

Could British Airways’s controls have been more effective ?

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Answer of the question no 3:

Airways’s  could be more effective by
making prior plans. They must train their staff and especial

their it
staff so that they can provide a good service to their early adopters and solve
their problems as soon as possible . 

In 2011 the airline British
Airways and lberia Spanish airline lberia Airline airways Great British are
British and proceeding to create one of the largest airlines in the world.

British Airways hosts Great
Britain is one of the most trained attendant are between airlines and hostesses
of different nationalities due to their ability to speak different languages.

 The airline, which carried over 33 million
passenger all of the world  on its £245
aircraft in its last financial year, managed to increase income  passenger kilometers (albeit  by just 0.1%) while average passenger on
every  flight stayed more or less
constant at 76%. It has played an ever-increasing role not just in keep those achievements,
but also in decreases costs.                                                                              
The British Airways can easily solve their problem about anything for
example languages the seats and others problem and for checking these British
Airways flights, you can apply online or even the mobile app and its special
baggage at the airport .                                                                                   

this online is open 24 hours before departure and your flight cards is also
emailed to you as a PDF file. There is also a direct print option. If you left
your flight card at home or did not have a printer, you can print it again at
the airport by checking the kiosk. The British Airways app is also available
for the Apple iPhone, iPad  and watch.
You can download an eight –person flight card, which is a reservation on a
single device. You can also use the kiosks and specially designed kiosks for
checking inside the hotel. If you want to reserve your booking instead of a
credit card payment card, you must pay 1% of the transaction. By December 2016.
British Airways had received a passenger charge of £5, so it would be good for
those booking flights below £500.


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