Queen as the heir to the crown and was

   Queen Elizabeth the I of England was one of the most influential people
to ever come into power. She set the bar for most future rulers and is the
person who made England what it is now. She was born in Greenwich, England to a
royal family who provided her with an excellent education and upbringing.
Elizabeth’s childhood and young adulthood brought many hardships to her life
due to her family status though it all led to her gaining the crown. She then
reigned well as the Queen of England as she pleased the people and was a
trusted ruler.

Rise to the throne

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Elizabeth I was born in a town named Greenwich in England on
September 7 1533. She was birthed by Anne Boleyn who was the second wife of
King Henry VIII, Elizabeth I’s father. Due to the fact that she was born into
the royal family of the king she was granted many privileges growing up.
Elizabeth was taught at her home by well-paid tutors that helped her properly
pursue her studies. Elizabeth did very well in everything she was taught and
ended up shaping out quite well as a young woman. Elizabeth and her sister,
Mary who was the daughter of Henry’s first queen, were declared illegitimate by
the parliament and that the successor should issue to Henry’s third wife, Jane
Seymour.  Jane did have a son who served
as the heir to the crown and was king from 1547, when Henry died, to 1553 when
he perished possibly due to tuberculosis. When Edward VI died Mary was next in
line though her becoming queen was protested due to her being a catholic. Lady
Jane Grey was named next in line to the throne and became the queen but this
only lasted for 9 days before being executed by Mary and her supporters. Mary I
then took the throne as a devout catholic and thus began her violent push of
religion to convert England to Catholicism. Many protestant bishops were burnt
at stake and many people were killed in this religious push. Because of her
gruesome methods Mary was deemed the name Bloody Mary. On November 17,1558,
Mary I died leaving the crown to the next heir in line, Elizabeth I. 


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