Pursuing of the anatomy and physiology of the human

Pursuing a career in a healthcare based profession has been a long standing goal of mine. I have always seemed to gravitate towards activities that have a positive influence upon people lives. During year 11 of secondary school I was elected to be a Charity Event Planner where I organised a fundraising event to raise money and awareness of the Teenage Cancer Trust.  Later that year I had the opportunity to volunteer for the British Heart Foundation, BHF, as a sales assistant. One of my responsibilities was to support the delivery of Call Push Rescue training events. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the general public but what really excited me was the fact that I knew I was positively contributing to the development and wellbeing of others. It was during my time at the BHF that I began researching different career paths, which eventually led me to learn about Radiography.


Our basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body has developed much over time, with each and every cell working together to perform its specific functions. Whilst studying imaging techniques such as Positron Emission Tomography, MRI and CAT scans in A2 biology, it fascinated me how technology has advanced over time to allow us to capture images that can not be detected by the human eye. Studying scientific subjects has helped me to develop my thinking and analytical skills as well as working well in a team when given a presentation or lab work to do. After completing my A levels, I went to UCLAN to undertake a foundation science degree in order to further my knowledge in Physics, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry and Maths. This course has aided me in my developing study skills required for any undergraduate degrees and the academic knowledge.

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Whilst on holiday in Sri Lanka I attended a hospital, where I shadowed a Sonographer over an intensive two day period. This has provided me with a fantastic experience of hospital life, even though it was incredibly busy, it was a very satisfying and helpful experience to be able to witness first-hand, the different types of patient procedures and diagnosis that was involved. Unlike the luxurious buildings and leading edge technology we have in the UK, the village hospital had no access to MRI scanners, which meant that you had to take an 8hour drive to the capital city of Sri Lanka to get an MRI.  I also visited the Biochemistry department, where I got an insight into the different types of equipment used to do urine and blood sample analysis. Although the hospital was lacking in advanced technology that may be available in developed countries, it was an incredible experience to see the huge differences that could be made with fewer resources.


Outside of school, I was active in the National Citizen Service Programme, where I have learned valuable skills such as interacting with a diverse community. As part of the social action plan, we decided to do a sponsored walk as well as a bake sell to fundraise for the charity MIND. I learnt that this skill is essential in the working environment as every small element is crucial with huge responsibility in each job. This is also linked back to the idea of a radiographer because working as part of a team is a vital skill to become a good radiographer.


The key to successful patient care lies in an empathetic and passionate radiographer. I believe that I would be an ideal candidate for a career in Diagnostic Radiography, as I’m a reliable and motivated individual who is willing to go above and beyond on any tasks set aiming to achieve it of the highest standard.


I have good interpersonal skills and be able to understand the emotional needs of patients whether they are young or the elderly. After completing my degree and gaining the relevant experience, I hope to specialise in trauma/ accident and emergency screenings.


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